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Mel Bruche


Nelly Psarrou
14 Jan, 2022

Dr. Mel Bruchet is an 80-year-old very healthy and active grandfather. He is a respected and recently retired physician from British Columbia, Canada.

Dr. Mel Bruchet would quietly enjoy his retirement, his family, gardening and golf, if his altruistic nature were not combined with the ongoing Covid criminal operation and forced injection genocide.

Dr. Bruchet should be rewarded for his activism and public education. this will be done by us, beginning with our reverence and prayers at this time.

Retired from action due to unquestionable death and illness caused by forced Covid injections, preventing safe affordable effective treatment for Covid, the targeting of children with lethal injections, and more recently, the exacerbation of stillbirths born to pregnant women who have been deceived and coerced by the so-called Covid "vaccines".

Last month, Dr Bruchet was at his home in Vancouver with two other heroes we love, Dr Daniel Nagase and Dr Charles Hoffe. Four of her official cars and eight police officers arrived at Dr Bruchet's home. They handcuffed the peaceful and honest Dr Bruchet and took him to the hospital Lionsgate.

In another twisted chapter of the Covid criminal agenda, after hours in handcuffs, drugs were given to this intelligent peaceful eighty-year-old doctor and he was then forcibly transferred to a psychiatric ward. There he was deprived of his basic rights such as access to a telephone. He was given antipsychotic drugs. These antipsychotics are contraindicated in the elderly because they cause them to have strokes and heart attacks. He suffered two mini-strokes (TIAs) and underwent mental health tests that were essentially set up courts to try to focus his thoughts on the "Covid vaccine". Although his thoughts are based on well-documented scientific data, the foundation described his thoughts as "delusional ideas": evidence of his "dementia or psychosis".

So here we come my friends. Complete crisis of legitimacy of government and institutions. Undoubtedly dangerous and deadly injections are imposed on the masses. Even children are targeted, injected, harmed and killed. Like the rest of us, even pregnant women are deceived, coerced and injected before many of them give birth to stillborn babies.

Meanwhile, a wise and responsible doctor, one of our respected elders, who defends our truth and prosperity, is handcuffed, drugged and imprisoned.

Doctors, police officers, nurses, politicians, media and business leaders, and anyone else who agrees with this, need to wake up now. Repent and leave the criminal Covid business. Take part in the solution, regardless of the obvious cost. IF WE LOSE THIS WAR, WE WILL LOSE EVERYTHING. Continuous compliance will not save you.

Photo: https://www.visiontimes.com/tag/mel-bruchet

Source: https://drtrozzi.org

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