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"Aren't we blind too, are we?"

Lambros Skontzos
10 Jun, 2024
"Aren't we blind too, are we?"

"Aren't we blind too, are we?"

"Aren't we blind too, are we?"

Theological commentary on Blind Sunday



      The sixth Sunday from Easter is dedicated to one of the greatest miracles of our Lord, the healing of the man born blind, which the evangelist John rescues in his Gospel, in every detail and which contains great truths.    

      An unhappy man, who had never seen the light, did not know the shape of people's faces, and never felt the joy of sight, but a black veil covered his existence, lay on the side of the road, begging for alms to survive . He had never seen the light and never enjoyed the divine creations and colors. He was born without eyes "born blind" (John 9,1:XNUMX), having the sockets of his face empty of the most precious gift of life. He lived in thick darkness experiencing his unspeakable loneliness, until he had the great meeting with the supreme physician of souls and bodies. With Jesus Christ, Who passed before him, together with His disciples.

     When they saw the blind man, they asked the Lord out of curiosity: "Rabbi, did you forgive him, or his parents, that he was born blind?" (John 9,2:XNUMX). As Jews they believed that disease is a result of sin, a punishment sent by God for his sins. In fact, this punishment also extended to their descendants, up to the seventh generation. The sick were treated as cursed by God and did not receive special consideration and care. But Christ assured them that "neither this man nor his parents sinned, but that the works of God might be manifested in him" (John 9,3:XNUMX). To understand that their teacher was not one of the ordinary rabbis, but God incarnate, Who works wonderfully alone.

      Christ took pity on that tragic and unfortunate man and decided to heal him, and at the same time to show His divine power, that He is the creator of man and can create human members from scratch. He Who created man in paradise, since "it always happened because of him, and without him nothing happened at all" (John 1,3), can create eyes in the born blind. Before the astonished eyes of the students, "he threw hamai and made clay from the clay, and he anointed the clay on the eyes of the blind man and said to him, go down to the pool of Siloam, the messenger is interpreted. He left mind and dream and came to see" (John 9,6-7). Note that it was Saturday.

       It is more likely that the now healed blind man would have shouted for joy and told the passers-by about the supreme gift he received from the unknown physician. He was apparently well-known, everyone knew him and many pitied him. When they saw him having eyes and seeing, they were amazed. They didn't know what was going on. They knew that he was not like the other blind men, who suffered from some eye disease, but he didn't even have eyes in the sockets of his face.  

      The most natural thing would be for his fellow Jews to rejoice over the healing of this unhappy man and praise God. But they, instead of joy, were outraged at the new great miracle of Christ and proposed the alleged violation of the Sabbath holiday by the Lord, degrading the miraculous event. The scrupulous observance of a legal command had more to them

importance from the salvation of a man. Instead of rejoicing at his healing, they called him a sinner. They grabbed him and led him to the "experts" to rule on him, to the Pharisees, who claimed to be the spiritual guidance of the people and demanded that people imitate them in observing the legal regulations. "They take him to the Pharisees, the one who was blind. It wasn't the Sabbath when Jesus worked the clay and opened his eyes" (John 9,13-14). The Pharisees demanded to know how the formerly blind man found his light, and he described to them the manner of his healing by the mysterious stranger. Those hypocritical people did not dwell on the miraculous event, but on the "transgression" of the Mosaic commandment for the Sabbath holiday. The great miraculous and joyous event of the healing of an unhappy man was of secondary importance to the "bypassing" of the Sabbath holiday. Type mattered more than substance. And that's why they unequivocally decided:  "this man does not belong to God, because he does not keep the Sabbath" (John 9,16). They also invited the parents of the former blind man to agree with them that their son's healer is not a man of God. But they, for fear of being expelled from the synagogue, referred them to their child, who was of age and had an opinion.

       He confessed: "We have seen that God does not listen to sinners, but if it is godly or the will of him, he listens to them. since the age it was not heard that he opened the eyes of one born blind. if this is not from God, no one can do anything" (John 9,31:33-XNUMX). Then, when the Jews drove out the blind man and made him leave the synagogue, Christ asked him if he believed "to the Son of God" and to the blind man's question "it is, that I may believe in him", Christ assured him: "and you know him, and the one who speaks after you is that one". The healed blind man, without any reservations, answered: "I believe, Lord, and help me" (John 9,35-38).

      The Lord seeing the turmoil of the Pharisees said: "I came into this world for pity, so that those who cannot see may see and those who see may be born blind. and this being with him heard from the Pharisees, and they said to him: Are we not also blind? Jesus said to them: you were blind, even if you had no sin; now you say that we see; your sin remains" (John 9.39-41). He characterized as spiritually blind those who close their spiritual eyes to see it "True Light" (John 1,2), who came into the world to dispel the darkness of error and enlighten humanity with his eternal light. For someone who keeps his eyes closed, no matter how many lights shine around him, he will not be able to perceive them. Which means the spiritually blind, with a good heart will see it "true light" and they will be saved, unlike the faithless and self-centered impenitent, who will remain destitute of divine illumination, in the horrible darkness of sin and outside of salvation.

      The healed blind man received a double cure: the light of his physical and spiritual eyes. Instead they preferred their spiritual blindness! This category also includes His eternal deniers, who invent improbable reasons to deny Him and slander Him, ignoring that Jesus Christ is the greatest personality in history and the only benefactor of humanity.

      Through this passage the divinity of Christ is solemnly proclaimed, a fact that was denied by both His contemporary Jews and His eternal deniers. The healing of that unhappy man was done "fiber

let the works of God be manifested in him" (John 9,3:XNUMX). To be known "the exceeding greatness of his power" (Eph. 1,18). Let people understand

that God is among them and is working out their salvation. Christ clearly affirms that He Himself acted on him and healed him, as God, leaving no room for misinterpretation, like many heretics - deniers of His divinity (e.g. Jehovah's Witnesses), who claim that He supposedly healed Jesus the blind, with the power of God, to glorify God! The big problem for the eternal deniers of Christ was not and is not whether Christ was a separate person, but whether he is God. His most notorious deniers did not deny Him as a separate man, but they denied Him as God! They are the blind who have eyes but do not see!

       Nevertheless, "aren't we blind too?" (John 9,40:XNUMX). Do we also suffer from spiritual blindness and do not know it? It's good to be examined! The spiritual ophthalmology clinic is the Church and the doctor is Christ. Let us also open our hearts, like the healed blind man, so that the illumination of Christ can enter, so that our existence can shine, become "house light unavailable" (6,16 Tim. XNUMX). Let's beg him to keep "the eyes of our hearts being enlightened, in our vision is the hope of his calling, and the riches of the glory of his inheritance in the saints" (Eph. 1,18).  





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