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European Elections: The Aftermath of Abstention and the Omissions

Editorial team
11 Jun, 2024
European Elections: The Aftermath of Abstention and the Omissions

European Elections: The Aftermath of Abstention and the Omissions

European Elections: The Aftermath of Abstention and the Omissions

The European elections are an important event for the democracy of the European Union. However, in this context, public abstention is also an important phenomenon worth considering. Abstention indicates an apathy or lack of confidence in the electoral system, the candidates, or the political process in general.

The negative echo in the European elections of the past caused concern and the search for solutions to deal with it. The reasons that lead to abstention are varied, from disillusionment with the performance of politicians, to a lack of information or a sense of alienation from the political process.

Abstention may have significant implications for the electoral process and the effectiveness of the democratic system. Low turnout can undermine the legitimacy of elections and make it difficult to establish representative parliaments. This results in citizens' voices being neglected and their real interests not being taken into account.

Moreover, abstention creates a dangerous vacuum in the political landscape, where extreme views and extreme ideologies can gain more influence, while moderate voices can be undermined. This can lead to a further fragmentation of society and an increase in political instability.

However, the omissions resulting from abstinence should not be neglected. Instead, they require action and the search for solutions to deal with them. These solutions may include strengthening information and education policy, increasing transparency and active citizen participation.

One of the ways that citizen participation in the European elections can be increased is through postal voting. Postal voting allows those who cannot vote directly at the polls due to trafficking, disability or other limitations to express their political preference in this way.

Postal voting is an important mechanism to ensure the active participation of all citizens in the democratic process. It's a way for citizens to keep their voices heard even if they can't make it to the polls on election day.

By encouraging the use of postal voting and providing easy access to this process, we can enhance the participation and active participation of all citizens in the European elections, thereby making the democratic process more open and representative.

 Indeed, high abstention and the questionable reliability of postal voting were two major issues in the recent European elections.

Abstention was high, and this may reflect citizens' indifference or disillusionment with the European political process, as well as concern about the distance between European citizens and European decision-making bodies.

As for postal voting, many have questioned its credibility due to potential issues with its security and validity. Some raised concerns about the potential for fraud or misinformation in the postal voting process, while others questioned its substantial impact on the outcome of the election due to the small number of postal votes relative to the total number of votes.

Therefore, it is important to carefully consider these issues and seek solutions that will encourage citizens' participation in electoral processes, while ensuring the credibility and transparency of the electoral system.



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