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18 Apr, 2024


Saturday, April 13, 2024, 16.30:XNUMX p.m. –

The Russian Philhellenic poets for the Greek Revolution of 1821


It is difficult to describe the emotional charge, the uplifting of the soul, the spiritual euphoria, all this positive aura and energy that we experienced on Saturday, April 13, 2024 during our celebratory event-concert "GREECE - BORN TO FIRE HEARTS..." The Russian Philhellenic poets for the Greek Revolution of 1821 !!!"dedicated to the Day of Independence, National Palygenesis, which took place at the Center for Social Support of the Municipality of Moscow - KAPI "Meshanskoe", concert hall.

The whole event was a comprehensive introduction to the era of the events of the Greek Revolution of 1821, during which the narrative element, speech, poetry, music and dance coexisted harmoniously. Here is a link to a video from the show ELLINIDA – BORN TO FIRE HEARTS: https://youtu.be/mTfnVEuYC-M http://www.hecucenter.ru/gr/videoarc/130420243_eortastiki_ekdilosi_gia_tin_ethniki_pali ggenesia.html

Here are video clips with the most intense, expressive, bright, shining points of our event, our action during the rehearsal and the performance-concert itself – before and after: https://youtu.be/B6ODJSB7P_s http://www.hecucenter.ru/gr/videoarc/ellinida__gennithikes_gia_na_flogizeis_kardies_lam pera_simeia_tis_ekdilosi_mas.html

As is known, the Center of Greek Culture - K.E.P. always seeks to carry out global, multi-level events and this time the program of our Performance-Concert, our Artistic Event was accompanied by:

  • Distribution of publications related to our National Anniversary.
  • Photo exhibition about the events of the Era of the Greek Revolution.
  • Photography exhibition "GREECE: MOMENTS OF PERSONAL HAPPINESS", which has been exhibited at the premises for a month ofSocial Support Center of Municipality of Moscow – KAPI "Meshanskoe". In fact, only a few works of the exhibition of the same name were exhibited "GREECE: MOMENTS OF PERSONAL HAPPINESS", which we held in January 2016 at the facilities of the "Na Kashirke" Art Gallery, launching, at the same time, the Greece-Russia 2016 Special Year (January 22, 2016). The exhibition in question was the result of the Competition of the same name "GREECE: MOMENTS OF PERSONAL HAPPINESS", which was co-organized by the Central Library of Moscow No. 174 "Dante Alighieri", the Center of Greek Culture and the Photography Club "М-53". and had as its goal the fullest possible acquaintance with the history and culture of Greece, while it was addressed to Greeks and Philhellenes, to all those who love and are interested in our Country. The Organizing Committee received a total of 1930 projects from 514 participants from 12 countries (Russia, Greece, Latvia, Germany, Italy, Serbia, Ukraine, Belarus, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Kazakhstan, Moldova). After many months of painstaking work, the jury, made up of industry professionals, selected 100 photographs, which were exhibited as part of the said exhibition. It was a real feat.
  • In our action ELLINIDA – YOU WERE BORN TO SET HEARTS ON FLAME they participated:
  • Distinguished professor of the K.E.P. , Greek philologist Petros Kalogeropoulos.
  • Choir K.E.P.«stars", Art Direction - Inessa Efraimidou. Choir Members: Ksenia Molokova – flute, Olga Pervova – ud, St. Polenova – violin, Natalya Ratova – synthesizer, song, Inna Popova – guitar, song, Larisa Bogatyreva – dumbek, song, Zoya Sinelnikova, Ekaterina Dom Bulykina, Mazhitova Nina.
  • K.E.P. Dance Group,Adults + Children's Department of Dance, artistic direction – Oksana Raksheyeva. Members of the Group: Children's Department: Nika Rakcheeva, Michaela Khalil, Kira Kalabushkina, Egor Polenov. Adults: Zhemis Elena, Plekhova Olga, Ksenodokhova Irina, Konnova Alexandra, Konnova Maria, Kulikova Olga.
  • The actors narrated – Yannis Politov, Dora Giannitsi.

Happy faces, bright eyes, sincere, effortless smiles, abundant fun and group dancing, warm, hearty, friendly atmosphere and human communication, feelings of patriotism and pride flood us and captivate us !!! All this dominated our festive event, dedicated to his 202nd anniversary Εmortal-Αof his liberation struggle ΕGreek Λaww!!!

We lived and experienced distinct and unique moments of excitement, like-mindedness, unity, gathering, inspiration, endless joy from creative partnership, search, communication. All the participants-contributors-artists, as a single organization, with particular expressiveness, with passion, enthusiasm, gave the best indicator of artistic performance and introduced us to the atmosphere and events of the time of the Race.
We take this opportunity to express our deepest gratitude to the management and its staff Center for Social Support of of Moscow Municipality – KAPI "Meshanskoe", to its director Mr. Denis Bogudsky and his associates, for the kind hospitality, to all colleagues-co-organizers, to all of them present, Greeks and Philhellenes, representatives of the Greek diaspora in Moscow and to the sincere friends of Greece, who honored us with their presence, to all artists-contributors, youth and adults.
Screenplay, direction: Dora Giannitsi, Director K.E.P., PhD in history, actress.

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+2024 04 15 13 1 XNUMX

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