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I'm a parent too

I'm a parent too

12 Apr, 2024

In recent times there has been a major upsurge in youth aggression as incidents of bullying are on the rise. It is sad as well as dangerous…

However, it seems that the same thing happens with child aggression. Increasing trends in both cases.

I am not a child psychologist and all I am entitled to is to position myself on the basis of common sense and as a "trained" parent on a daily basis.

I don't know if what you are reading agrees with you, but I believe that you should try to read the signs, look into your child's eyes, observe his behavior every day and every hour...

Being a parent is not studied, you have no experience, you don't know any tactics, there is no manual. From the first day you hold your child, you will walk around with a huge question mark over your head.

"Am I doing it right?"

"Do I have to say this?"

"What does he feel?"

"It hurts;"

"Why did he do that?"

"Why did he lie?"

"Am I conveying everything I want to teach him correctly?"

The development of the child becomes a priority and conditions change drastically at any hour and moment until your old age...

And when he reaches that age where he will start his school life, the daily worry begins... the child will be in a different environment for many hours of the day without you...

It is the moment when you will think if the supplies you have given him and which you continue to give him, the principles, the bases, will be used by such a small mind, if he will be fortified against challenges, if he will be able to claim his right, whether he will be able to behave properly in his small social group.

Suddenly you realize that your child is a victim of intra-school violence for no apparent reason...someone or the other has assumed the role of leader in the class and therefore tries to impose himself on all the rest.

Children with similar tendencies will become the leader's tail while the rest will break into small groups trying to resist.

And the parents will reply to the complaints: "come on baby, you're kids, play together, you'll find them..."

No my dears, don't bother to deal with it...the kids won't find them...some will learn to bow to the will of one or his "gang", some will follow the bad example due to weakness or lack of information from their family environment and some they will isolate themselves in fear..

So what do we parents do?

We must fortify our children, listen to them for every small or big complaint.

Abuse is not only physical, it is also verbal.

Bulling is not only the wood or the spitting, it is also the gestures, it is also the intimidation, it is also the blackmail....

On the other hand, you may have an aggressive child, a child who at school will try to impose himself on others, make fun of, hit hands, curse, blackmail or show aggressive behavior in general, even towards his teachers... think!

Are you the source of the problem?

Don't let time pass! Overcome outdated ideas and taboos about child psychologists or child psychiatrists.

Ask for help for you, your family and your children.

 Don't dwell on those words that once told us "come on baby it's kids"! And don't forget that a child doesn't have emotional resistances, doesn't have a complete mental world, it's infinite! There are thousands of things and situations that he does not yet know.

Don't let time pass and you will be surprised.

Listen and act, see and act, learn and act.

Ask for help from experts.

"The kids won't find them"



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