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Florida's Hellenic Newspaper and Hellenic Radio, based in Miami
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I'm angry that you're angry...

I'm angry that you're angry... 

6 Nov, 2023

We all have a little Hulk hidden inside us that when it comes out destroys everything in its path and brings out our worst selves, that Hulk is our anger. 
Anger is one of the most difficult emotions that a human can control, especially when we reach the maximum extent of the limits, even exceeding it.
There really is almost impossible to calm down without breaking out. 

It is one of the reasons that leads us to unpredictable decisions, to difficult situations and in some cases to disastrous consequences for our present and future.
In my opinion, anger starts from our thoughts, thoughts that we cannot control.
We have certainly noticed that an event can leave us indifferent one moment and the next the same event can cause us to flare up with anger. 
The most difficult part in this feeling to tame it is to understand that third parties are not always responsible for it, there will always be people who will provoke us either with irony, indifference, insult.
If they diminish us as a personality, we must set limits.

 An effort for us.
This irritation should not spread to the point where we become "green" so that the Hulk can come out of us and burst into whatever comes in front of us because many times we hurt people who are not responsible, they just happen to be in the path of our anger.
 There are certainly many ways to not reach our limits. I believe everyone can find the way that suits them to calm them down. There are people who think beautiful thoughts, others take deep breaths, others relieve it with an activity, still others walk away until the beast that is possessing them calms down. 

 Everyone has a purpose to calm their anger.
It is very important to learn to manage our anger, it will help us a lot we will think better act better and most importantly to have a calmer life something we all want. So let's put aside that unpredictable feeling that gets us into trouble and find ways to enjoy the peace of mind.




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