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Maria Karystianou

Maria Karystianou

Editorial team
24 May, 2024

Seeing the disdain for Justice and the horrific crime that took lives and shocked Europe and beyond, we continue alone and restore justice!

NOT ONE judicial officer, parliamentarian or journalist DID ask these reasonable and essential questions to the main person in charge of our staff state!
Only we can 
Thank you for the support 
We need her 

Maria Karystianou of Panagiotis, mother of 19-year-old Martha Psaropoulos, victim of the Tempo accident.
To the President of the Republic, Mrs. Katerina Sakellaropoulou.
Athens, 23.5.2024  

Mr. Mitsotakis, 
It is now becoming clear to more and more citizens that, from the moment the commercial and passenger train collided on 28.02.2023 in Tempe, the conditions for another unavoidable collision existed and exist. And the first was unavoidable due to the knowing faults and with full assumption of all potential enormous risks of damage to the highest goods of life and health actions and omissions of those responsible, governmental and non-governmental.
Therefore, since only the public discourse contributes substantially to the revelation of the truth, I invite you to answer two questions, which in fact concern, if not the entirety, the majority of the Greek people about the State, in which they have entrusted themselves and their loved ones. So I am putting them to you, because this is what my conscience dictates, but also the memory of my lost child. 
1st) What are the reasons for your intervention in the work of Justice before the investigation of this tragic accident has even begun by the competent authorities, at a time when the area should have remained unchanged as a crime scene? 
Through your Deputy Minister, Mr. Triandopoulos, you completely altered the scope of the crime, invoking your alleged right to "rehabilitate" it, while at least 57 people were murdered in it.
That you have done so is admitted by your own government. In particular, it is acknowledged both in at least two Government press releases that were issued immediately after the crime, as well as in successive statements by Mr. Triandopoulos to the press (SKAI, TRT, radio station VERA), as he then explicitly referred to an operation to "rehabilitate the field" that you assigned him and he remained for five days "on the spot" in order to carry it out, together with a number of other officials of your Government. 
By this action you have sought to tamper with the crime scene and have achieved the loss of critical evidence. Essentially, you intervened and attempted BEFORE the prosecutors and investigative authorities isolated and preserved the scene in order to investigate the circumstances of the accident.
I am submitting all the evidence to the Prosecutor's Office of the Supreme Court with a request to speed up the necessary actions by the Prosecutor.
It is also now clear that what you and your fellow accomplices refer to as the so-called "restoration of the field" is, to any intelligent citizen, an unprecedented abuse of the power entrusted to you, an abuse that is certainly not accidental, but has motives and purposes which must be disclosed and immediately investigated by you. 
By this action you knowingly sought and achieved the alteration of the crime scene and the disappearance of critical evidence. Essentially, you intervened and attempted BEFORE the prosecuting and investigative authorities arrived, isolated and preserved the scene in order to investigate the circumstances of the accident and diagnose its causes. 
The arbitrary intervention in the place around the accident, which is obviously also a crime scene, is also confirmed by the no. 43/2024 Order of the Appellate Prosecutor's Office of Larisa, by which the Appeal was decided against the Order regarding the placement of the lawsuit against Mr. Triandopoulos, among others. 
With the above with no. 43/2024 Order, the Prosecutor of Appeals of Larisa personally assigned a Deputy Prosecutor of First Instance to clarify within 20 days which specific persons were present in the first days and up to the coating of the area with tar and gravel at the scene of the accident, and who or which persons gave the removal order of the soils and other materials which were then transferred to a privately owned plot of land without placing this material at the disposal of the judicial authorities...".
This is precisely the now expressed position of the Justice, Mr. Mitsotakis, which is set by her with no. 43/2024 of the Order of the Prosecutor's Office of Appeals of Larisa, it is addressed to you, who are the Head of the Government and the State Staff and you gave a direct order to the Minister in addition to the Prime Minister, Mr. Triandopoulos.
My first question leads logically and inescapably to the second question, which I ask you right away:
2nd) Exactly which criminal acts did you attempt to cover up with the above coordinated operation of universal falsification of the facts in the field, under the pretext of alleged "rehabilitation" and which guilty persons did you encourage to escape from the judicial investigation, with the orders you gave to your Deputy Minister and to those others who knowingly participated in this "organization", neglected their duties and supported the culprits? 
            Your answer to this question is not only dictated by the self-evident need of a mother to know exactly what and why her child was burned alive, as well as who is responsible for it, but is now a demand of all Greek Citizens.
            You have recently admitted it yourself in an interview: "No one will believe or few will believe what I will say. They will, however, believe in Justice...".
Because in the end we would all like to trust Justice, I publicly invite you to help its work by answering the above two questions and making yourself available to Justice.
If you don't do it, you will once again confirm how much you underestimate the Greek people and a mother, as Mr. Agorastos recently did by making use of the right to remain silent before the parliamentary inquiry committee "For the Investigation of the Crime of Tempe and all Aspects of it". 
And of course, everyone has the right not to publicly incriminate themselves, but they do not have the right to remain Prime Minister, ultimately abusing their position of power and not responding to elementary obligations dictated by it.
If you do not answer, you must submit your resignation and bring yourself before the regular Justice, that the truth may be revealed.
I therefore invite you to immediately respond to my above requests and to act even at the last moment as dictated by the principles of the Rule of Law, which have been irreparably damaged in our country, as the competent bodies of Europe have often judged.  
Finally, the President of the Republic, Mrs. Sakellaropoulou, is requested to honor her institutional role and take a substantive position on the case of Tempi. Because so far, her intervention is limited and exhausted in televised statements such as “since that day, when I see tracks or a train, in addition to pain and rage, I also feel shame. I want to believe that Justice will do its duty." 
Justice must indeed do its duty and every culprit must be brought to justice. Even those protected by ministerial and parliamentary immunity. In addition to the mandatory removal of this immunity for many reasons, they themselves must voluntarily waive it. 
If they look within themselves, beyond a mother and the Greek citizens who are with us with over 1.500.000 signatures, their very soul is asking them for it. 

Maria Karystianou

photo https://documentonews.gr 

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