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Lambros Skontzos
13 May, 2024

The women and indeed the young virgins, Martyrs of our Church demonstrated the same heroism as the men during the early Christian times, where the faith of Christ was persecuted with demonic fury by the ancient pagan decadent world. One of them was the holy Martyr Glyceria.

        Live him 2ο AD. century in the years when the emperor of Rome was Antoninus the Pious (138-161). He was born in the city Traianoupolis and she was the daughter of the chief of the city Makariou. When she was still young she was secretly indoctrinated by fervent Christians and became a fervent Christian. As a teenager she had developed an admirable catechetical activity, converting many young pagans to the Church.

        Her action became known to the unscrupulous priests of the idols, who denounced her to the fanatical pagan ruler Savino, who ordered her to be arrested and brought before him. The young Glykeria, before being presented to the tyrant, had marked the sign of the Holy Cross on her forehead and heroically confessed her faith in the Redeemer and Savior Christ. Savinus led her to an adjacent altar to sacrifice to the statue of Zeus. Glyceria prayed to Christ and immediately there was a great thunder and the idol fell by itself and was crushed. Then the pagan priests, full of rage, handed her over to the ruler to be stoned. He gathered a crowd of fanatical pagans, ordering them to stone her to death. They rushed furiously and began to stone her with fury and curses. But the stones changed direction and did not touch the Martyr! Then they took her as a witch and began to curse her vulgarly.

       The ruler imprisoned her and even secured her, fearing that she would escape with her magic. There she was visited by the venerable Christian priest of the town A philanthropist to cheer her up. He found the Martyr praying. All she asked of him was to seal her with the sign of the Holy Cross.  

        The next morning he was taken to the court, where the ruler Savinus presided. He asked her if she was willing to sacrifice to Zeus to spare her life. She categorically refused and once again confessed her faith in Christ. Then the ruler ordered to hang her by the hair and to shave her head! The Martyr glorified God while hanging!

      The ruler ordered that she be hanged and her face crushed, because he could not bear to listen to her praises. But at the same moment an angel of the Lord appeared and paralyzed her captives, remaining motionless as if dead. Seeing this new miracle, Savinus ordered that she be locked in prison and not given food so that she would die of hunger. But angels brought her food and she praised God incessantly.

      She was locked up there for a long time. Once the ruler decided to go to the city Heraklion and he thought of taking Glyceria with him to force her thither to deny her faith. Filled with surprise, she found that she was not starving and saw in her cell a lot of food and was surprised.

      The Christians of Heraklion, led by their Bishop Room, when they were informed that the sports-carrying Martyr of Christ would arrive in their city, they ran to meet her and honor her, without being noticed by

the pagans. The next morning the ruler held a public trial, calling many people to attend and ordering Glyceria to sacrifice to the idols or be put to death. She once again confessed her faith in Christ, scorning the threats of the ruler. Then he ordered a furnace to be lit and her to be thrown to a tragic and exemplary death. But the miracle was repeated, he made the sign of the Cross and jumped into the furnace. Immediately the flames began to pour out of the hearth, and a heavenly coolness replaced the deadly fire. She was standing. Like the Three Children of the Old Testament, in the middle of the furnace, praising God!

        Seeing the miracle, the ferocious Savinos not only did not believe in the power of the true God, but ordered new tortures. Let her be handcuffed and her head scratched! Glyceria endured the torture with incredible heroism. So with a scratched head they threw her in jail. But the miracle happened again. An Angel of the Lord visited her at midnight, freed her from her bonds and healed her, without leaving the slightest mark on her head!

       The next morning the jailer Laodiceus, when he went to receive her and lead her back to the ruler, he noted with wonder her miraculous healing and release from her bonds. He went to Savinus and confessed his conversion to Christ. Immediately an order was given to behead him, and to claim martyrdom! The Christians took the Martyr's body and buried it with honors. And Glykeria decided to throw her into the arena to be devoured by the bloodthirsty and hungry beasts.

       The Martyr heard the ruler's decision with joy and stood calmly in the center of the arena, where thousands of pagan spectators were watching the spectacle. The hungry beasts rushed and devoured her, delivering in this horrible and torturous way her holy soul to Christ, whom she loved so much in her life. The Bishop of Heraklion, Domitius, collected what was left of her remains and placed them in a safe place in his diocese. Her memory is celebrated on 13 May




 photo https://www.pemptousia.gr/ 

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