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Animals need protection from high temperatures

Editorial team
13 Jun, 2024
Animals need protection from high temperatures

Animals need protection from high temperatures

Animals need protection from high temperatures

Seeing the gentlemen and ladies walking their dogs in the center of Athens these days, when the temperatures are particularly high, you can't help but say this: Animals need protection from high temperatures! The walk these days may be missing. Or be done at times when the temperature has dropped enough.


Signs of recklessness


The temperature on the asphalt it is so much higher for the bare feet of animals, than what humans feel through their shoes, that it can cause burns to our friends. It certainly makes them suffer though.

As is well known, the dog's sweat glands are located on their paws. The dog exhales heat with its breath. So the excessively high temperature causes him problems. In fact, some breeds such as English and French bulldogs, shih tzus and pugs are more prone to upper airway obstruction when they feel discomfort from the heat. 

Not to mention inhuman stupidity (kind word) of those who leave their dog in a closed car "for a while". 10 minutes is enough to lose your friend forever. Recklessness has consequences.

Another sign of recklessness (and ignorance) would be to throw water or cover with a wet blanket a dog that has suffered heatstroke or sunburn. You are leading him to a worse fever and perhaps death. 


So let's see what animals need on days when the atmosphere is suffocating from the heat:


First the obvious: Coolness and always access to water. This also applies to stray animals, for which access to water should be continuous. Greece has no education and there is no sufficient state care for the lives of our friends. We should admit that neighboring countries like Turkey are much ahead in this field. Animal life is in constant danger in our country, but at least we individually can take care as much as possible by placing water bowls in cool places.

The symptoms of heatstroke or heat stroke are difficulty breathing, heavy panting, salivation, inability to urinate, dark colored gums and high fever. Also, palpitations, dizziness, lethargy, and maybe vomiting. In this case it is better to take the animal to a doctor immediately. Until the animal reaches the doctor, it must be in a cool environment, but throwing water, especially cold, should be avoided. We have to run some cool water on his feet and behind his ears to reduce the fever. Only when a low temperature stabilizes can a little water be drunk, but not cold.

A bowl with water or food should be in a cool place and never in metal containers (better plastic or clay). 

Closed spaces, (cars, houses, balconies, roofs), are criminal for animals. Especially when the animals are left in chains.

If you want to cool the cat (who doesn't want to get wet), you can wrap ice in a towel, and stroke it with it.


Summer is not a season that should be experienced as something difficult. We can take measures for ourselves to live a pleasant summer. But we, as intelligent people, can take measures for our animals too, so that they too can live near us during the hot season, with protection and care.


Stray animal protection telephone number 10410

Complaint or declaration email for animal protection genast@astynomia.gr




photo gisela stillhard / https://pixabay.com 

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