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Brain, the organ of realization of our values

Editorial team
29 May, 2023

The human brain (GPS Grand Problem Solver, as if Global Positioning System) activates, tames, and drains the "negative entropy", i.e. the force of life, eutaxia, which will give the best possible result for human existence. That is, it achieves with a positive sign of action the consumption of the corresponding mass for the maximum range of energy. This requires as much true and testable data as possible to be entered into the GPS. It requires that as many calculation elements as possible be entered continuously and that it be continuously updated. Fortunately, the human brain is still largely untapped! Here a hundred thousand has the same capacity and the same possibilities, but also a trend of... "democracy"!

It has 1500 cubic centimeters, more than 150 billion cells, neurons and hundreds of billions of synapses, waiting to be activated. The matter is exclusively ours. It is up to us to give the right wealth of records, scriptures, experiences, right knowledge, healthy feelings and virtuous moments of action. However, it also has several disadvantages. He easily becomes restless and restless. He is comfortable with easy solutions and when he finds them he likes to follow them. It is of minimal effort. Constant stimulation of interest is required. And the best challenge is conjuring with high values.


The biggest harm that can happen to our brain is that it has never encountered ..evil!! that is, not having been tested and vaccinated. Then at the first difficulty it baffles. He's losing it. It blocks, because it is taken by surprise and then has difficulty in making choices (dilemma = blind mind). Fortunately, the brain is trainable even in old age [rejuvenation effect]. This possibility of the brain was established in a scientific way by the specialist molecular neurologists. Therefore, our mind must always be open to any change, even the unexpected. Unfortunately, everything changes, without our will.

A positive direction, on a method, which we cannot confirm for its correctness and must constantly check with small doses of tests. Even the experiences of our earlier fellows must be examined within the framework of our possibilities, since infallible authorities, as far as the whole is concerned, practically do not exist. In vast and complex subjects a part of the whole can grasp the human spirit. When it examines and approaches the simple and distinct truth, a part of the whole, to which the part belongs, is essentially lost. But when we try to grasp the whole, the distinct truth is lost.

The main thing is that the importance of subtle relationships, which at some given moment can be critical, is lost.

  • Positive path: Truth- Beauty- Good, -LIGHT= DIVINE [explosion].
  • Negative: Falsehood, ugliness, wickedness-shame, BLACK HOLE. [implosion].
  • Method: Personal economical dosing.

Trials, errors, continuous problem solving, experiences, small doses, "inoculation", individual, but also common path. Constant questioning and criticism. Doubt our own opinions first. Synthesis, composition. diversity, but also convergence of approaches. That is, harmony of the golden ratio: maintaining the distinction between individuality and the whole. General conclusions:

  • The richer, but above all the healthier the content of the mind, emotions and ways of acting, the more chances we have to avoid falsehood, ugliness and evil.
  • The eternal values: Truth, Beauty and Goodness constitute the signposts to the light, with Faith in the possibilities of the human spirit and lead Man to the Holy Light [explosion], that is the Spirit the Divine]. On the contrary, falsehood, ugliness and wickedness, sooner or later, lead to a dead end, to confusion, to the black hole [implosion].
  • Each of us places himself, with his self-realization, his own waypoint. The synthesis of self-actualization values ​​constitutes a personal palette of nuances. Each of us has our own recipe. A broader, clearer, economically [proportional], holistic, consensual and dialogic view of as many main values ​​as possible is a prerequisite.
  • Unfortunately, the truth is very easily hidden by falsehood. The beautiful is distorted by the disorder and the good, it is almost always located at a higher point, therefore, it requires a special will and effort.
  • The economic synthesis of these eternal values ​​constitutes a golden rule, but also the prerequisite for the development of every other value.
  • The love (sexual and philanthropic), which unites people emerges only from the above "golden" composition, which is also the basis for building trust and developing bonds of social cohesion. And only from this union emerges the hope that, the oxygen of life, that gives tangible and attractive meaning.
  • Finally, the point of stability the Sanctuary emerges, only when it is founded on the golden composition. Then it may have a chance to lead us to Being with the absolute values ​​of Love, Beauty and Truth.
  • The first brave steps are the approach to truth, beauty and goodness. A broad, deep and solid foundation is the prerequisite. The volatile elements of falsehood and deception must be removed. The "cobbles" of fanaticism should be replaced with "fertile soil". However, in addition to the foundation, "anchoring" in fixed points of faith is also required. These points must stand the touchstone test of the golden rule, truth, beauty and goodness. Only then, foundation and stability are healthy as they are based on a wide conscious space of the person.
  • The Truth, which is based on the sciences, on the correct and philosophical reason, as well as the beauty, but also the practical moral energy have a firmer basis, when the dimensions of the space of consciousness become wider. When the individual boundaries expand to the family, the tribe, the nation, the Homeland, but also the universal community. However, dangerous situations are caused when these limits are narrow. Homeland is the most ideal place, even. There individual consciousness can exist alive. The concept of Homeland, however, must be considered, as a living existence, with internal eurythmy, but also harmoniously connected with stable and flexible ties with the international environment.
  • Motivation: Bliss, with successful treatment of pain, course and development of our life in the light of Truth, in the fragrance of the Callus and in the sweetness of the Good, towards the Sacred, which is identified with the BEING, Who harmoniously joins EVERYTHING in ABSOLUTE GRADE.


  • The first basic steps:
  1. Information-Knowledge-Wisdom-Truth: a rigorous choice of correlation of information, yielding correct knowledge, within broad pedagogy and andragogy with initiation through the right Word in a wide range of sciences and philosophical reflection.
  2. Healthy emotional wealth, with sensitivity to beauty, beauty and decency, which means in economy the development of emotions, desires, impulses and tendencies. Cultivating a disposition to co-exist with fellow human beings, putting ourselves in their place [empathy], considering them as ourselves and feeling that we belong to a group that we want to belong to and that wants us, as members of [amae].
  3. I firmly "believe", based on life experiences and developments in approaching reality [method of the humanities and natural sciences].
  4. Continuous productive creation, through work with meaningful life of high interest
  5. Creative collective effort with benevolent participation
  6. Ultimately the cultivation and maturation of the human GPS (Man is estimated to be largely still in the teenage years of development!) But even for old age the research of the experts gives us a lot of hope! At this age, the interaction of the left and right hemispheres of the brain becomes harmonious, which expands our creative potential.

That is why among people over 60 you can find many personalities who have just started their creative activities. Of course, the brain is no longer as fast as it was in youth. However, it gains flexibility.

Therefore, with age, we are more likely to make the right decisions and less exposed to negative emotions. The peak of human mental activity occurs around the age of 70, when the brain begins to function at full capacity. Over time, the amount of myelin in the brain increases, a substance that facilitates the rapid passage of signals between neurons.

Due to this, mental abilities increase by 300% compared to the average.


Professor Monchi Uri, from the University of Montreal, believes that the brain of the elderly chooses the path that consumes less energy, eliminates the unnecessary and leaves only the right options to solve the problem. A study was conducted involving different age groups.

Young people were very confused when taking the tests, while those over 60 made the right decisions. Now, let's look at the characteristics of the brain between the ages of 60 and 80.

  1. The neurons of the brain do not die, as everyone around you says. The relationships between them simply disappear if one does not engage in intellectual work.
  2. Distraction and forgetfulness arise from information overload. Therefore, there is no need to focus your whole life on unnecessary trifles. In short, if a person lives a healthy lifestyle, has sustained physical activity and is fully mentally active, mental abilities do NOT decline with age, they just GROW peaking at age 80-90!


HYGIENE ADVICE: 1)* Don't be afraid of old age. 2)* Try to grow spiritually. 3)* Learn new crafts, make music, learn to play musical instruments, paint pictures! Dance! 4)* Be interested in life, meet and communicate with friends, make plans for the future, travel as much as you can. 5)* Don't forget to go to shops, cafes (on the metro), shows. 6)* Do not be silent alone, it is destructive for each of us. 7)* Be positive, always live with the thought: below: “all good things are still ahead of me!”_


* SOURCE: _New England Journal of Medicine._

* Dimitris Bakas May 25, 2023 



geralt / https://pixabay.com

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