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China: Concern over "white lung" syndrome

Editorial team
4 Dec, 2023

The US and European countries are taking very seriously the increasing rate of cases of "white lung" syndrome in China.

As it has been recorded so far, the patients of the virus are mainly children and teenagers, although the World Health Organization calms the concerns stating that we are probably not talking about a new pandemic.

But at the moment cases have appeared in the Netherlands, Sweden and Denmark, which puts Europe on alert.

The media in China are reporting that in the provinces of the vast country, masks are returning to everyday life, as are the white uniforms of rescue crews who make house calls to highlight dangerous symptoms. A large number of teenagers visit Beijing hospitals, and there is no shortage of images of overcrowding in the corridors.

Raina McIntyre of the University of NSW Kirby Institute said that the new outbreak of pneumonia is likely to be caused by the coronavirus, while Ben Marais of the Sydney Infectious Diseases Institute in turn attributed the phenomenon to the very low temperatures of the northern hemisphere.

Bacterial infection (mycoplasma) it seems to create epidemics every five years or so, but this is the first time it has taken such a dimension, since in the past the symptoms have been mild and no deaths have occurred. As described by the Daily Mail, the confinements due to the corona virus combined with the constant use of masks, caused low levels of immunity in the population, and especially in China where the measures were maintained for a much longer time and with greater intensity.

Deputy Minister of Health Mrs. Irini Agapidaki spoke on Sunday on the Open channel: "To talk about a pandemic we should have certain conditions. At the moment we have an evolving phenomenon in China and from the evidence so far we are not concerned. Post-Covid we have an increasing vigilance on these matters, but we must not be between panic and complacency. To be informed, to protect ourselves, without panic" he noted, while adding that "if there is any reason to further inform the citizens, we will do so immediately of course".

In her interview, Ms. Agapidaki also reassured about the Coxsackie virus.

In his turn, the Professor of Epidemiology of the Medical School of Athens, Mr. Dimitris Paraskevis, stated on Saturday at APE-MPE that we are not talking about a new pandemic, and that the fact that the disease occurs mainly in children is a reassuring fact. Otherwise it would be about the population in general: “What has probably happened in China is what happened in the rest of the world in the Fall of 2022. Due to the lifting of the restrictive measures for the coronavirus, we have had increased circulation of respiratory viruses, with an emphasis on children, who had not been exposed to these pathogens in the previous two years."

At this time, the data is being evaluated all over the world, so that more specific conclusions can be given. As Mr. Paraskevis said: "Viruses and pathogens are part of our lives, they are part of our everyday life. I remind you that we had epidemics of Ebola in 2014 and 2015, dengue fever in Latin America in the previous period. In other words, we have very frequent epidemics and an increased circulation of pathogens, due to our contact with animals and due to the conditions related to the modern lifestyle".




Source https://neoskosmos.com – photo geralt / https://pixabay.com 

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