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Chișinău International Airport to host International Aviation Conference-Event 2024 RMO

Chișinău International Airport to host International Aviation Conference-Event 2024 RMO

Katerina Marinaki
23 May, 2024

Its International Airport Chisinau -capital of Moldova- in collaboration with Aviation-Event, will co-organize on May 30, 2024 the long-awaited first edition of Aviation-Event 2024 RMO. THE Aviation-Event is a specialized platform for the organization of some of the most distinguished aviation Congresses in Europe, dedicated to the aviation industry, hosted by various partners Αεροδρόμια. With a commitment to collaboration, knowledge sharing and strategic discussions, the Aviation-Event creates a dynamic environment where innovative ideas and knowledge converge. Participants can engage with the latest trends, innovations and challenges shaping their landscape air transportn, making it an essential appointment for aviation industry leaders and political stakeholders, but also for all those seeking to remain at the forefront of this dynamic industry.

The Aviation-Event 2024 RMO will gather in a one-day conference, global civil aviation professionals, representatives of the competent national authorities, airlines and Airport CEOs from Europe and Moldova, while the key topics that will be explored in the interesting discussions include the digital transformation, global connectivity, financial issues affected by airport operations, crisis communication strategies, infrastructure investment and more. The list of speakers includes prominent figures from the Government of Moldova, the aviation industry, Academia and other interested sectors, thus offering different perspectives of the subject and valuable information. In addition to insightful discussions, Aviation-Event 2024 RMO will also offer opportunities for networking, collaboration and business development, providing attendees with a unique platform to connect with industry peers, exchange ideas and create new partnerships.

Marcel Riwalski 1

Marcel Riwalsky, CEO of Aviation-Event, told us: “This Conference will serve as a catalyst for innovation and collaboration as we come together to address the aviation industry's most pressing issues while charting a course for the future of air travel. Together, we can co-shape the future of space and ensure a safe, sustainable and prosperous aviation industry for generations of travelers to come.

For his part, Sergiu Spoială, Deputy Director of Chisinau International Airport (Chisinau International Airport) said: "This inaugural Aviation-Event 2024 RMO provides our country and our Airport with a valuable partnership with the entire industry, vital to ensure that we create and maintain a strong and sustainable aviation sector, which will continue to provide its important services to millions of passengers across Europe. The Aviation-Event 2024 RMO offers a unique opportunity to participants, allowing them to engage in thoughtful discussions, share ideas and create partnerships, and to get to know the Republic of Moldova and its people, as well as the world-famous the world their hospitality".

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Its International Airport Chisinau in numbers and dates:

✓ 40 destinations in Europe, Asia, Middle East and Africa

✓ 2 airlines based on it: Flyone, Hisky

✓ 1 air cargo company that has it as its base: Aerotranscargo

✓ 19 foreign passenger airlines are active: Aegean Airlines, Air Baltic, Air Montenegro, Arkia, Austrian Airlines, Azerbaijan Airlines, EL AL, Euro Wings, Flyone Armenia, Freebird Airlines, Georgian Wings, Hisky Europe, Israir, LOT Polish Airlines, Pegasus Airlines, Tailwind Airlines, Tarom, Turkish Airlines, Wizz Air

✓ Runway 08-26 is 3590 meters long, 45 meters wide and surface type – cement concrete. It was built in 1987, completely reconstructed in 2023 and is still one of the longest runways in Eastern Europe.

✓ Runway 09-27 is 2383 meters long, 45 meters wide and surface type – cement concrete. It was launched in 2018.

✓ The Airport code is 4D and its operations are 24/7

✓ The total area of ​​the Airport is 364 hectares

✓ May 31, 1995: certified as an International Airport



A few words about the Republic of Moldova

The country has an area of ​​33,8 thousand km², its population is 2,5 million, the official language is Romanian and the capital is Chisinau. The country's Independence Day is August 27, 1991, while its Official Recognition Day is March 2, 1992. Moldova is a beautiful country in Eastern Europe, bordering Romania and Ukraine, with such a rich tourist potential that although small certainly fully deserves to be characterized as "Paradise Corner". Moldova is located at the crossroads of the main trade routes of Eurasia and represents a real hub, bringing together the experience, continuity and diversity of generations, which have shaped the present and influence the future. Its inhabitants are proud of the picturesque landscapes of their homeland, the sights and fortresses that bear witness to its rich history, the churches and monasteries, but also the famous wine brands and wineries, as well as the famous Moldavian hospitality, which she is famous all over the world. It should be noted here that Moldova is one of the most important wine-growing countries in the world and the number of local wineries is at least 200.

Moldova is famous for its unique underground cities, such as Cricova and Milestii Mici. Cricova represents the largest underground complex, known throughout the world for its vast labyrinths, with a total of 120 kilometers of galleries, and Milestii Mici boasts the largest wine collection in the world, consisting of more than 1,5 million bottles of wine, which rightly earned him a place in the Guinness Book of Records in 2005.


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