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Class action lawsuit filed for the catastrophic fire in North Evia in 2021

Class action lawsuit filed for the catastrophic fire in North Evia in 2021

Ioannis Lazarou
17 May, 2024

After the Eye, followed the biblical disaster in Northern Evia, Parnitha, Rhodes, Evros. This was followed by the flood in Thessaly with dead people and Tempi. And nothing shows that the tragic list of crimes against Man and Nature is closed...

In Mati, two main defendants, Messrs. Vassilis Matthaiopoulos and Stefanos Kolokouris, after the overwhelming killing in horrible carbonization conditions of 104 people, were promoted to chiefs of the Fire Department!

During the days of Kolokouri, North Evia and Parnitha were burned. The forest and natural wealth and the economy of the two regions were destroyed.

For the fire in North Evia, we have irrefutable videos and witnesses, which prove that the fire brigades were ordered not to extinguish the fire, to leave it undisturbed to burn ecosystems, animals, crops and property.

Because we realize that the state's negligence was not accidental, but intentional and serves specific interests and goals, which are not consistent with the purposes of a state governed by law, which is required to protect the life, health and property of its own and its citizens , we took specific action.

A class action lawsuit was filed by citizens from North Evia, regarding the criminal responsibilities for the big fire that hit the whole of North Evia in August 2021, burning more than 512.000 acres of forest, crops and property. With a request for criminal prosecution in the degree of a felony.

The lawsuit is signed by citizens of the municipalities of Mantoudi-Limni-Agia Anna, and Istiaia-Edipsos. This group initiative comes to be added to many other individual petitions that have already been filed at the Prosecutor's Office of Chalkida.

Η lawsuit is filed against: 1) Of Vassiliou Papageorgiou, General Secretary of Civil Protection during the summer fires of 2021, according to the no. GDUES/1/4/945-2020 (Government Gazette of Y.O.D.D. no.f.183 from 16.3.2020 act), 2) Of Nikolaos Hardalia, Deputy Minister of Citizen Protection (Deputy Minister of Civil Protection and Crisis Management), during the fires of the summer of 2021, according to the no. 37/2020 Presidential Decree (Government Gazette vol.A' no.f.65 from 15.3.2020), 3) By Nikolaos Balsis, Commander of the Regional Fire Administration of Central Greece, under the rank of Chief Fire Officer, 4) By Konstantinos Pachidis, Operations Coordinator of the Fire Brigade of Thessaly - Central Greece, under the rank of Major General, 5) Of Apostolos Simos, Commander of the Fire Department of the Prefecture of Evia (Di.P.Y.N.), under the rank of Fire Chief, 6) By Konstantinos Maragiannis, Commander of the Istiaia Fire Service, under the rank of Deputy Fire Chief, to which the two Fire Departments of the Municipality of Mantoudi – Limni – Ag.Anna with headquarters in Achladi and Dafnousa are operationally and administratively subordinated, 7) Of Stefanos Kolokouris, then Chief of the Fire Brigade, 8) By Fanis Spanou, Regional Governor of the Region of Central Greece, 9) By Georgios Tsapourniotis, Mayor of Mantoudi-Limni-Agia Anna Municipality, 10) By Yiannis Kontzias, Mayor of the Municipality of Istiaea - Edipsos, and 11) everyone, in any way, responsible and complicit for the tragic events and the enormous ecological and economic destruction caused by the fire of 3th August 2021 in North Evia.

The above are sued for his criminal offences arson, forest arson, dereliction of duty, serial exposure and environmental degradation, which, according to their position and through their omission, they committed, and even with possible fraud (to the extent of a felony).

The filing of this lawsuit comes after the EYE decision, a decision that challenged the public's sense of justice, but also after a 15-month operation to cover up the crime in Tempe. Many of our fellow citizens are disappointed with the outcome of our case, or any other similar case, in the Court, while it is absolutely clear that crimes against Man and Nature are, unfortunately, a conscious, political choice for a lowly goal: profit!

If the three branches, Executive, Legislative and Judiciary, as well as the Fourth, which is Journalism, decided to give in completely to the entanglement and act as ONE, we, the citizens of this country, declare that we will remain the ultimate pole of control of power. and we will demand Justice to the end, by any means possible – and justice is only one of them. After all, we believe that the entangled are a small and sad group of people, who are left to thresh thanks to the silence and frustration of the many.

We go forward, hoping to meet with people who do their duty and work properly in all branches, and that of Justice, which we will demand just as our conscience dictates. We are not silent in the face of crimes. Because Silence is Complicity.



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