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Critical question: how does each citizen vote?

Ioanna Lazarou
11 Jun, 2024
Critical question: how does each citizen vote?

Critical question: how does each citizen vote?

Critical question: how does each citizen vote?

What are his own criteria when Autias took first place in Greece? According to the final assessment of the result of the European Elections 2024 given by the Ministry of the Interior, the ND appears to be in the lead with a percentage of 27,9%, while in the "battle" of the A cross on the "blue" euro ballot the following are ahead:


George Autias


Vangelis Meimarakis


Freddy Beleris


Manolis Kefalogiannis


Eliza Vosenberg


Dimitris Tsiodras


Eleonora Study


Therefore, we observe the inclusion of Giorgos Autias and Eleonora Meletis in the European Parliament, which highlights a reality that we must face. This image causes us to think, as it implies that these representatives will represent our interests in the European context. How is it possible that they receive this power and privileges while the citizens are fighting for their survival? You, the average Greek, who are subsistence farmers and pay taxes for everything, how can you trust these representatives?

In other words, we appointed Ms. Eleonora and Mr. Aytias to represent us in the European Parliament. This is our descent. In other words, they will receive 30.000 per month and you, a true Greek, will receive the basic salary.

Where can I get it so I don't get dirty?

You, the average Greek, the honest bio-wrestler, who pays taxes for everything and not the tax! The Greek who owes everywhere, to the tax office, rents his house on airbnb and cannot survive with dignity. The average Greek taxpayer is no longer able to rent a house for his family and live a decent life. While, on the other hand, there is the one who takes the amounts from the NSRA, the big salaries in Europe, and does not pay his taxes.

I speak and show the Greek, the pensioner who worked a lifetime to get three and sixty, the worker who has been fighting since we were put in Europe, supposedly for the best and we became the beggars of Europe and the world. And YOU, man, do you go and vote whatever this damned third power shows you? The media. Media of mass deception, how will you protect your home?

This country is your home! Would you give power and keys to your house to Ms. Eleonora? I have nothing against this particular major, I'm just mentioning it. Did you really vote for which issue? the three million Greeks, the remaining in Greece – because the rest, seven million are foreigners. You walk in Greece and you think you live in New York. What do you think, will the Greeks leave and return?

Did you really vote why? They will lower your tax or current which from what I am informed, 70% percent up will receive an increase. You gave your vote to people who don't even care about you. If you ask them how much a kilo of tomatoes costs they will look at you strangely.

Brethren, I am sorry, but the battle is now lost. In order to win our country, it takes struggle. Something that no longer exists in the souls of Greeks. And for this calamity we are all responsible, with apathy, social media, selfies in order not to stand out from the crowd. All together, modeling man in foreign characters and obsolescence. I refuse to accept that Greece of light, Greece of culture, is represented by those who voted in the European elections, I refuse.

I refuse to accept that the next person the Greek people will support to represent this country, in order not to feel inferior to the circumstances, will be the husband and wife. Whom they plant and they will applaud him. A little dignity, folks.


Questions about the crisis: What criteria determine the vote of each citizen?
Rejecting apathy and indifference. We must realize that the struggle to protect our interests requires action. The situation where our political representatives ignore the real needs and concerns of citizens is unacceptable. It is time to take action and pressure the political class for changes that will serve the common good.

Voting is not just a duty, but a responsibility. The political decisions made affect our lives and future generations. So instead of leaving our future in the hands of others, let's take responsibility and act to shape a better tomorrow for all of us.
It is time to bring forth the leaders who will represent us with dignity and dedication. Let's look for the candidates who will listen to the voices of the citizens and act for the common good. With our active participation and demanding attitude, we can bring about changes that will lead to a fair and equal future for all.
Let us be united and determined to bring forth a community based on the values ​​of justice, solidarity and prosperity for all. This is our responsibility, and this is our hope for a better future.
This composition, among other things, highlights the depth of the political representatives who represent our country on the European stage. However, many citizens react with concern and indignation, seeing this image of the political sphere. How unchecked power and the lack of representativeness in the electoral process reflect the reality of everyday Greeks.
The average Greek is a consistent taxpayer and worker who faces the difficulties of everyday life. While he pays taxes for all things, he realizes with indignation that the elected representatives live in another reality.
The average Greek, the bio-wrestler, would like to believe that his elections will have a substantial impact on his daily life. But frustration with the indifference or inability of elected representatives to respond to the real needs of the people can lead to abstention or even despair.
The issue of representation and the effectiveness of political representatives is paramount to the success of democracy. When citizens feel that their elected officials do not effectively represent their interests, trust in the political system is undermined.
Therefore, citizens have every reason to be concerned and question the way decisions are made in the country and in Europe. Voicing their discontent through their ballot is one of the most fundamental expressions of democracy and their right to hold accountable and demand change.
The future of our country is in our hands. Let us defend our values ​​and strive for a society based on justice, equality and solidarity. With our active participation and demanding attitude, we can create a better future for all of us.
Let's join forces and show our representatives that we demand change and action for the common good. Only by our active participation and resistance to injustices and omissions can we shape a future that reflects our values ​​and desires.
Let's be the voice of change and the force behind a fairer and more equal society. This is the time for action and change. Let's join forces and show our true selves, as citizens fighting for a better tomorrow for all.



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