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Down with the masks!

Down with the masks!

20 Nov, 2023

In the alginate period of the coronavirus, which we are experiencing worldwide, and the obligatory use of the mask for protection, the famous modern Chinese writer Xi Chuan composed an "ode" dedicated to masks. At the end of this ode, he typically wrote the following:

"There were Chinese people in Sydney who were beaten up for wearing masks and others in Berlin who were asked to take off their masks. How can such guys in Sydney and Berlin understand that this is our way of life and the meaning of our existence? If I could I would wear a mask and walk naked in the desert to meet fairies and angels. The world with a mask doesn't recognize me and because I wear a mask I don't recognize myself. In my mind I constantly confirm who I am but my mask always denies me. But in reality, when I take it out, well, nothing happens."

I pondered reading this pensive text, and began to wonder: Who is responsible for the destruction of nature with the devastating effects of the pandemic, which plagues us and has distorted our very existence?

How great is the devaluation of Man, when the state, in a way renouncing the responsibility for the rescue from the pandemic, attributes it to the unknown, weak and perimeter citizen without supporting him to animate him, while at the same time listing the number of patients daily and the dead, focusing his attention on vaccination and the use of the mask! And how effective this mask can be in public transport, where literally thousands of employees are crowded every day!

What society are we heading for? indifferent to Man, we turn to the robot and run after Technology to catch it, before turning from blessing to curse.

Artificial insemination, artificial intelligence, internet robots, robotic soccer players and maybe ανα artificial love and a robotic lover are expected! .. Everything happens outside of us and not always in our favor.

We created, we leapfrogged in Science and Technology, and now we are not enough, we are few, insignificant in front of our creations!

So let's build this new society, let us humans go, and let us give way to robots so that we do not suffer, at least, with such a mutation. After all, we must now realize that in the minds of the rulers of this earth, there is always money and not Man!

So, off the masks certainly not those of protection against the pandemic, but those that cover the faces of those who do not understand the importance and need of a human-centered policy.




photo Anestiev / https://pixabay.com 

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