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To those who think that Greece does not matter today, let me say that they could not make a bigger mistake. Today, like old Greece, is of the utmost importance for anyone looking to find himself.

Henry Miller, 1891-1980, American author

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Panagiotis Karafotias
4 Dec, 2023

The continuation of the article of Pan. Carnation


Certainly, it is a fact, the people are deeply troubled and frustrated by the hypocrisy of the powerful and the inconsistency of words and deeds. And they believe that the international organizations ultimately serve, mainly, the organized interests of the strongest, starting with the League, which, after the tragedy of the APP, and while the people wanted peace and cooperation and not human sacrifice, the militaristic establishment that had already grown due to the War and other local conflicts -civil, etc.- undermined the League and the BJP followed with the most tragic results. And with panting we reached the UN, which, for the first time in history, has reached universality with 193 Member States.

        Respecting the proportions, as we said before, he has offered a positive work. However, as Reverend General Hugh Thant very wisely said, the UN is the mirror of society and represents its Member States, and as Reverend General Boutros Boutros-Ghali also wisely said, the UN aims to serve its members, but does not replace them. The UN is whatever its Member States want it to be, especially the powerful ones. De Hammerjold said that the UN was not created to take mankind to Heaven, but to save mankind from hell. And AG Brian Urquhart said the UN is playing the role of a nurse, providing first aid. And then "Lord of the Rings" takes over with familiar results. Yes, the Member States bear the main responsibility, especially the powerful ones. Therefore, If humanity is declining and even the planet Earth is in danger of being destroyed, it is not the ozone hole that is to blame, but the "hole" in the consciousness of the particularly powerful.  And instead of the people passively waiting for the UN to solve their problems, let them resist and mobilize for its strengthening, political, institutional, economic so that it can carry out its sacred mission. And if really the Great et al. Forces interested in the establishment of international peace, etc., would persuade all UN Member States to expressly and categorically prohibit war, to outlaw it, as US and French Presidents Kellogg and Briand tried unsuccessfully in 1928 in KtE. The others are evasions and alibi! It is simply a matter of political will. Why, how is it possible to transport from one end of the world to the other, in a few days, homicidal weapon systems, and cannot transport basic necessities, medicines, and know-how to deal with hunger, poverty, etc. but also for growth and progress? Only the awareness and mobilization of democratically thinking and acting people individually and collectively will provide the solution. This is also the best omen.

An important chapter, which has not been analyzed in depth and honestly, is the regional organizations that were established under the UN Charter in order to strengthen its role regionally. E.g. NATO and Warsaw Pact (dissolved). But along the way, with the power they acquired and which "corrupted" them, they replaced the UN, but in a way that had negative results for their very creator, the UN. And we saw and are seeing the results.   

       Moreover, the weakness of the Organization -especially- of the WHO- was proved by the tragic invisible Koronaic "war", with millions of victims apart from the other tragic consequences. Finally, prevention is seriously faltering in the UN as well!

          Regarding Greece, in addition to the contribution of the Offices and Programs of the Organization, which offered important work (UNRRA, UNDP, Information Center), and others that continue to offer (Office of the High Commissioner for Refugees, Office of Migration, Mediterranean Environment Program , WHO Office, UNICEF Office (the Commission had an inglorious end), its relations with the UN at the political level, have been diverse, from excellent and constructive during the WWII period to the incalculable sacrifices of Greece, which without its heroic Resistance America and Europe would probably be under Nazi occupation (not forgetting the impressive credit given by some leaders - "Heroes fight like Greeks" - etc., but later forgotten), including her contribution to the War of of Korea with hundreds of dead and wounded, very good right after, but problematic afterwards because of - in particular - Cyprus, which, as I said before, with dozens of decisions not to be implemented and Turkish military occupation of part of Cyprus for 50 years Democracy, an independent state, a member of the UN and the EU, in violation of the UN Charter, and International Law - plus the controversial Annan Plan, which ignored the will of the vast majority of the Cypriot people. Six thousand civilian victims, 2000 displaced, 1500 missing. Also, for the rest of the illegal actions of the Turks such as in Varosia etc. And the ICTY attack on the UN Peacekeeping Forces! And the reaction very lukewarm. And about Gaza, where 92 UN staff have been killed? And for this reason alone, the UN should take drastic measures to end the war! However, the recent statement of the UN Secretary-General, which condemns Turkey regarding Warsaw, but does not proceed for the rest of its illegal actions, equating the aggressor with the victim, was pleasant. We have also seen this in the hundreds of Commissions under the auspices of the UN on various issues, as well as at the Crans Montana Conference in 2017. Unfortunately, I can also confirm this from my 23-year tenure at the UN. And it's very sad. It simply serves parasitic institutions.          

        Incidentally, for the approximately 80 decisions of the UN, General Assembly and SA, I referred in detail-evaluatively, in my book Notes on Key International and National Issues, Christaki Publications, 1997, in the book of the Maragopoulos Foundation Cyprus and Human Rights, Sakkoulas Publications, 2000 and in the recent GREECE-UN, Sakoula Publications.              

          Also, in "Skopjano" with controversial-again-initiatives of the secretary general and their representatives, falsifying history, and ignoring the will of the vast majority of the Greek people, as well as the neighboring peoples involved, in violation of the Charter which is based on popular verdict. Furthermore, the anti-democratic actions of the Albanian leadership against the Greek minority in Albania, in violation of the ODDA, etc.

            Finally, the key issue of the Turkish neo-imperialist actions against Greece and the Republic of Cyprus, which blatantly violate the Charter, but with the tolerance of powerful profit circles. Specifically, the indifference of the UN "authorities" regarding the assertion of Greece's national sovereignty in the Aegean and the implementation of the provisions of the UN Convention on the Law of the Sea (UNCLOS) which the new-imperialist Turkey-pirate-ignores and violates . As a result, Greece is forced to arm itself defensively-diplomatically-and should-but at the expense of her well-being! (In parenthesis, the ancient Latins said "Diplomacy without weapons is like an orchestra without instruments", and "when diplomacy is silent, weapons speak"). Beyond the daily illegal violations of the Greek air and sea space, the illegal Turkish-Libyan Memorandum, the criminalization of the Refugee, the cynically provocative conversion of Hagia Sophia, etc. Christian Churches in mosques in violation of UNESCO provisions (there were some protests from leaders, but to no avail). Apart from the issues concerning imperialist Turkey, there are German Reparations and the Return of the Parthenon Marbles.

           Of course, the responsibility for what is negative is brought by some powerful people, etc. Powers that not only tolerate Turkey's neo-imperialist policies but also advocate behind the scenes, violating the UN Charter and International Law, imposing, in colonialism, their own, "the law of the strongest". And they are the ones responsible for perpetuating war conflicts and their consequences (genocide, bloodshed, disability, refugees, hunger, misery, insecurity, phobia, terrorism, anthropophobia, catastrophic environmental policy, immorality, corruption). of humanity in a horrible HUMAN MINE where inhuman speculators, according to Demosthenes, "strangely happy", instead of coals, mine people!

       However, it must be pointed out and underlined, with regard to Greece-UN relations, that it is not only foreign anti-Greek circles that are responsible for the non-resolution of our national issues, but also the country's political leaderships, who have not taken care of the selection since a long time ago worthy and appropriate representatives in the UN (and in the EU) as well as in the meritocratic staffing of the Organization's services, with the known disappointing results. The eternal destructive "carcinoma" of the "supreme" of the Tyrant Periander, and the ruffian, who have accumulated so much suffering. Also, the tragic complex of volunteerism, which reminds us of Cavafy's eternally relevant verse "What will we be born without barbarians"! I must, however, point out, and from my personal experience, that we have excellent diplomats, with very few exceptions, for which political leaders who act with party or other negative criteria are responsible!   

          E.g. In the Northern Continent, what was the policy of the Greek governments, that due to the lack of a proper strategy we lost the Northern Continent? When the late Papagos proposed that the issue be included in the UN General Assembly Agenda, "friends" and "allies" reacted with the excuse that "Albania would go with the Soviets"! And the Greek government retreated!

          In the Cyprus case, of course, the Junta is mainly responsible for the tragedy, which caused the destruction through indifference, voluntarism or utter stupidity, which amounts to treason. But was there unity and an effective strategy before in the matter of the Union? The opposite. division, squabbles, backbiting, compromise! And, of course, dozens of UN resolutions that have not been implemented for 50 years!

       But even then, in Skopiano. Irrelevance, lack of insight and effective strategy. (I remember in 1956-7, a friend of mine who served in the Greek Delegation to the UN, later a Professor at an American University, saw in an American publication a propaganda text in favor of Skopje, he told the "Authority" about it, and he replied: "Let them bark, one day their throats will be closed"! No comment!) And then? The same errors, lack of planning, proactive strategy, indifference of authorities. Especially the Greek Representative, who cooperated with the controversial Representative of the UN, who - very strange - did not propose any other name for Skopje other than the anti-Greek ones! And the Greek government? He fussed and took care of other things! And the tragic result is the shameful "Prespa agreement", which has many troubles in store if there is no effective reaction! And then the foreigners blame us! However, the recent successful agreements between Greece, France and the USA, as well as with Cyprus, Egypt, Israel, the United Arab Emirates, Bahrain, and Saudi Arabia, are optimistic messages. Let's look at the results! But also diaspora Hellenism can contribute decisively and effectively to the solution of our national issues. Why is some other small, but united and strong country in the wider region, an example?!



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