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To those who think that Greece does not matter today, let me say that they could not make a bigger mistake. Today, like old Greece, is of the utmost importance for anyone looking to find himself.

Henry Miller, 1891-1980, American author

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Panagiotis Karafotias
11 Dec, 2023

The continuation of the article of Pan. Carnation



As for the gg in the UN what are they doing? Are they loyal custodians of the Charter or proxies of powerful actors in the Organization, who, however, thus undermine it? Of course, to console ourselves, but not to resign and compromise, this does not only happen in Greece and the Republic of Cyprus, but in general in small and weak countries. And I remember the late Eupatride American Senator Fulbright, who, in a speech in 1972, said that it is wrong for the small and middle Powers to treat the Great Powers with a spirit of subservience, but instead should unite and force the Greats to respect them to the UN!   

       They themselves, the MDs, are responsible for the degradation and undermining of the UN, which could, with the sincere cooperation of all its Members, especially the Permanent Members of the SA, be upgraded in order to resolve - and with the Organizations of- all the problems facing humanity at their root! Of course, it must be pointed out, as the residents of Jerusalem know, that the initiators and drafters of the UN Charter did not intend for the Organization to become a world government, but for the Member States to embrace and implement its principles and for the Organization to "disintegrate into from which it was composed". In the only case that the Organization can function as a superstate, is when the SA or the General Assembly decide to act, and impose the measures required against a state or states that threaten international peace, in violation of the Charter. E.g. case of Korea (The decision of the General Assembly Uniting for Peace) etc.) The UN is the Church (Not in the religious sense but as an assembly of peoples) and the House of Nations and their success or failure depends on how they function !

         But along the way, the organized interests and arrogance of power within the ruling competitive system have led many members, especially the powerful, who some want to make the Organization para-super-state - "global para-government" - and undermine it by using him as a lever, a pretext, a mask, a showcase and an alibi of their reluctance to respect his principles and values ​​so that peace and prosperity can prevail at last. And it is known that various strong opaque circuits are trying to replace the UN. Much the same is true of the world religious system, which, by its very nature, contributes to decline. With the secular power he gained he lost the essence, and the "divide and rule", the "exploitation of man by man" and human sacrifices continue for the glory of humanity, "culture" (sales would suit), "democracy" (iemioof state would fit)) and of politics (sales would fit) recognizing "Homo Homini, Lupus".

        In closing, in conclusion, let me remind and underline that the approximately 80 million people, who sacrificed themselves in World War II to establish the values ​​and ideals of the UN and to establish peace, were forgotten. Especially regarding Greece, which contributed the most and won great credit, some powerful et al. Powers in the UN, with unforgivable ingratitude, unscrupulous, devalued her immeasurable sacrifices, and used her as a "useful idiot" for their own exclusive interests, on the altar of which they sacrificed her aforesaid just national interests by investing in the existing and lackluster climate of general corruption. And the UN, powerless, cannot offer a solution.        

       It is therefore reasonable to assume that some strong et al. Forces maintain, cultivate and perpetuate an institutional and political parasitism, for their exclusive benefit, as a result of which decisions are adopted simply to be adopted without being implemented or with double standards! And the painless issues they resolve smoothly and consensually, while the serious ones, where big interests are involved, refer them to the calendars of their strategic expediencies, continuing the vicious cycle of confrontations, conflicts, etc. with a flag divides it and controlled! (And something eloquently related: The Iraq-Iran war generated $40 billion in profits for some war industries, and the war in Ukraine $250 billion.) According to the International Peace Research Institute (SIPRI) military spending in 2022 reached $2,24 trillion, i.e. 2,2 of world GDP. USA 39%, China 13%, Russia 9,2% Ukraine 44 billion dollars, 1/3 of its GDP. It is also an axiom in International Relations that the spearhead of the foreign policy of Great Powers is to corrupt others to control and use them accordingly! Should we also reflect on the imposed addiction of the people to human sacrifices, which are timelessly relevant and necessary for the "authorities" (K. Kalligas)? Somehow, statements like that of the "Planetarch" in September 2018, that he "rejects the idea of ​​globalism, but accepts the "doctrine of patriotism", like that of G.of a German leader (forgetting that the Nazis destroyed Greece, committing genocide, and still have not paid the war reparations) that "he would prefer a new Otho to rule Greece (MME)," do they give any answer to the general concern? Ancient Latin Philosophers they were saying: "limerick Prudentia Regitur Orbis».

In "Dia Tavta":

  • Full and honest observance of the provisions of the Charter and the ODDA, with penalties for those who violate! 2) Outlawing war and the trillions released to be used to fight hunger, poverty, epidemics, etc., and for the development and welfare of all peoples so that there is no social injustice, rivalries and conflicts. Solve the problems at their root! UNESCO's Preamble states that "since wars are born in the thoughts of men, there we must build the defenses of peace." And this highlights the value and importance of education! 3) General and total disarmament and not only nuclear, chemical, biological {Some instead of sacrificing privileges, prefer to sacrifice people! Who spoke of inhuman rights and return to the jungle?}. 4) Banning war propaganda and violence everywhere, media etc. 5) Inclusion of NATO in the UN Peacekeeping Forces. 6) Institutional treatment of the main driver of violence and fear, and establishment of a mechanism for their management within the framework of the UN. 7) Consistent and full response of all states to their financial obligations. 8) Strengthening the role of the General Assembly. 9) Enlargement of the Security Council with strategic representation based on the adherence of candidates to the UN Charter. 10) Abolition of the VETO in SA. The SA should be the executive body of the General Assembly and not the other way around. 11) Strengthening the role of the General Secretary so that he can act effectively in accordance with the Charter. 12) Establishment of the non-compete clause and abolition of competition. Establishing rules for the so-called "free market". Can it be called "free" when it enslaves peoples and divides societies? 13) Implementation of the proposals of the PEACE GUIDE. 14) Implementation of the proposals of the DG for the Millennium (MILLENNIUM). 15) Drawing up a world map of wealth-producing countries so that there is a balanced distribution of production and trading of goods to avoid stiff competition and conflicts. 16) Establish rules of social justice and establish a mechanism to control corruption and non-transparency of activities of all public and private entities in order to prevent unethical and illegal profiteering and enrichment. 17) Effective dissemination of the principles and purposes of the UN with specific institutionalized measures by the states. 18) Implementation of the programs for the demographic problem, strengthening of regional and green development, implementation of the TOKTEN Program, etc. 19) Establishment of a Day of Appreciation of the work of the UN so that all its members are informed. 20) Regarding the role of citizens, NGOs, this can be essential, a catalyst for strengthening the UN. This is especially true for our Motherland, which needs unity, solidarity, meritocracy, effective prevention, etc. strategy so that with the appropriate alliances it can successfully claim its national rights! Also, is it time for a single, unifying, democratic movement to support the UN in Greece and then worldwide? Apathy, division, individualism, worthlessness, are the worst advisor, worse than the worst problems we face. a new Armageddon is coming for the peoples! Are there "Arks" of salvation, special shelters or other planets to save the "happily happy" and willfully blind, those who worry and worry about many other things?

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