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To those who think that Greece does not matter today, let me say that they could not make a bigger mistake. Today, like old Greece, is of the utmost importance for anyone looking to find himself.

Henry Miller, 1891-1980, American author

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Panagiotis Karafotias
27 Nov, 2023

The second part of the article of Pan. Carnation.

The International Criminal Court can exercise the jurisdiction of only in cases where the accused is a national of a Member State, the crime under consideration took place in the territory of a Member State or in case the case is referred to the court by the United Nations Security Council[12]. The court complements existing national judicial systems, exercising jurisdiction only when national courts are unwilling or unable to investigate or prosecute the aforementioned crimes[13][14]. The primary responsibility for investigating and punishing crimes remains with each individual state[15].

To date, the Court has investigated four cases, of the North UgandaOf CongoOf Central African Republic and Darfur[16]. The Court has indicted fourteen people, seven of whom remain at large, two have died and five are in custody. First International Criminal Court trial of Congolese militia leader Thomas Lubanga (Thomas Lubanga), started on January 26 2009[17]. The last conviction of the International Criminal Court involved Jean-Pierre Bemba, who was not only convicted of crimes against humanity and war crimes,[18] but also, on a second trial, for illegal attempts to influence fourteen witnesses.[19]

   Due to time, I am omitting bodies such as Commissions, Peacekeeping Forces, which have been awarded the Nobel Peace Prize. Over 3 thousand sacrificed their lives for peace in a foreign country! (And Greek Mich. Soumbouros L/chias from Veria!), anniversaries, non-independent areas, etc.

       Again, we can briefly divide the history of the Organization - evaluatively - into 5 periods.

1941-1945 – The "heroic" period. The United Nations, the 14 democratic countries, including Greece, are successfully confronting Nazism, fascism and militarism, the infamous "Axis", with terrible sacrifices. About 80 million people died excluding the wounded etc. (By the way, because it is unknown to many, in October 1944 Churchill visited Stalin in Moscow and asked him to divide the Balkans (as if they were fields or flocks) into spheres of influence. Stalin asked him if Franklin Roosevelt agreed and Churchill (Notably, he had praised Hitler!) lied to him, while, as US Secretary of State Cordell Hull revealed, Roosevelt would not agree to such an undemocratic and unholy act. Therefore, we can say that they are jointly responsible for the Greek civil war the two leaders above). Another sad aspect was the revelation by the Senate Committee (Nye) of the dirty role of American et al. of war companies in World War I and II! {Also the role of Ultima Thule…}   

1946-1986. The United Nations on the bed of Procrustes. Trapped in the web of the Cold War for some 40 years, the UN failed to resolve the political problems that plagued humanity except those that coincided with the interests of the powerful. 279 vetoes were raised (most by the USSR) which paralyzed the Organization's effectiveness on critical political issues. In other areas, his contribution was significant. A bad omen was the cultivation of the "posture" by Western Powers, "Communism is worse than Fascism" as well as the theory of "encirclement" of the USSR, which was deliberately put forward by the stiff Stalin, etc.  

1986-1990. The period of hopes and illusions. After the Reagan-Gorbachev rapprochement, some rays appeared to strengthen the UN mechanism in resolving crises, etc. Iraq's withdrawal from Kuwait following the UN intervention has boosted its prestige and credibility. However, hopes were dashed for the solution of other critical problems (Middle East, Cyprus, Afghanistan, etc.).

1991-2001. The United Nations is becoming "divided" again. The period of a new "Cold War" with hot, however, crises. The Gulf, Afghanistan, Balkan Wars, etc. undermined the prestige and credibility of the Organization. It should be noted that the military interventions in the Balkans were not under the auspices of the UN. A bad omen was the non-implementation of the great proposals of the then General Boutros Boutros-Gali "AGENDA FOR PEACE", which if implemented, humanity would not mourn hundreds of thousands of souls in conflicts, etc. Besides, the non-extension of his term was eloquent. The Guide provided for the installation, as a precaution, of Peacekeeping Forces in areas of potential conflicts, the control of equipment, etc. great measures. In the same period, an important milestone was created, the strengthening philosophy of human rights, which spread globally so that human rights were given the highest priority, but in many cases for political expediency. That is, two measures and two stations were applied. Kuwait produces oil, but Cyprus oranges. A full 50 years have passed and the problem remains unsolved while Turkish occupation troops still remain in the Northern part of the Republic of Cyprus violating dozens of UN resolutions. Ditto for MA, the war in the Balkans and Somalia, Rwanda {where the then GM confessed the failure of the UN to prevent the genocide of millions!} etc. 

2001- 2010. The United Nations faces the new formidable enemy: International terrorism in the vicious circle of terrorism-counter-terrorism-terrorism. In the aftermath of the terrorist attack on the United States, the entire UN system was "trapped" in the fight against terrorism. However, its treatment has raised and still raises many questions regarding its origin, the means used to deal with it and their effectiveness. Why, another "freedom fighter" and another "terrorist". That is why a generally accepted definition of terrorism has not yet been found.

         And as a consequence of counter-terrorism and its various parameters, human slaughter continues in many places, while in the context of globalization and its negative effects, humanity is experiencing serious crises both in terms of political and strategic problems as well as social, economic, environmental (climate change, refugees -85 million-) etc. including the severe economic crisis affecting many countries, especially ours, to the extent that serious impasses are being created. Most serious analysts argue that only the eradication of the generative causes will bring the permanent solution.

      Regarding the burning issue of terrorism, the question is, e.g. for the Jihadists: Do they come from space, from parthenogenesis? Who recruits them, trains them, etc. to commit the most heinous crimes? Also for the refugee tsunami. Random too? Some people make fun of us and underestimate their own intelligence! On the also burning issue of globalization, which is documented by the UN and is its showcase, let me say the definition I gave decades ago and it was considered a test: Globalization is multifaceted, multifaceted and in every way diffusion, penetration and enforcement. of the power and interests of powerful global managers.

2011-2023: The UN trapped in the tragic power game of its Members and weakened watches, as a new "Pilate", the perpetuation of "divide and conquer" with the ongoing tragedies of war and their effects (terrorism, genocide, refugee, hunger, poverty , epidemic diseases, unemployment, insecurity, climate change, misery, etc.) while it could, if there was political will of its Members, especially the Great Powers, solve all existing problems at their root and not preside over "The might makes right" (might makes right). Characteristic of the image of the UN is the phrase of the President of the USA in December 2016 on Twitter that: "The UN has great potential, but right now it is a club of people who gather, talk and have fun. So sad!” (Daily 30/9/2018). But what did he (like other great leaders) do to correct the situation and upgrade the Organization, which was primarily a US initiative?

    And now to the tragedies in Ukraine and Gaza. Where is the UN? Are other organizations trying to replace him? Tragic!

          The bottom line, then, is that the UN, while in the economic, social and cultural spheres it has offered significant-proportionate work, in the political sphere has not achieved what is expected because the interests of the powerful are in conflict. And as the great Thucydides said about 3 thousand years ago, the relations of both individuals and nations depend on the interest. And as long as the systems that determine people's relationships are based on competition and "fundamentalism" due to interests or passions, the omens are not good. Obviously they keep the system of unfair competition can not survive without rivals, enemies, when it creates them, invents, causes. And it is no coincidence that violence has mutated into a global regime and has spread and been integrated everywhere with the known tragic consequences. Orwell was right when he said that in our time war will be considered peace!

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