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Erdogan and Turkey: Analysis of the Aegean, Energy and Migration Issues

Erdogan and Turkey: Analysis of the Aegean, Energy and Migration Issues

Editorial team
17 May, 2024

Turkey, under the leadership of President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, is in a period marked by tensions and challenges on several fronts, including the Aegean, energy and irregular migration. Let's analyze these issues with a different perspective that is far from a given.

First, in the Aegean, Turkey still asserts sovereignty claims in areas that fall within the Greek continental shelf. This continued provocation has caused concern in the region and led to tensions between the two countries. A comprehensive approach to solving these issues must take into account the need for dialogue and diplomacy, avoiding unilateral actions that may worsen the situation.

Secondly, regarding energy, Turkey has demonstrated strategies that seek to strengthen its energy interests in the Eastern Mediterranean. The development of energy resources in this area has led to conflicts with neighboring countries, especially Cyprus and Greece. However, the analysis must take into account the complexity of energy relations in the region and promote solutions that contribute to peace and stability.

Third, irregular migration is another major issue facing Turkey. Efforts to address this challenge must include cooperation with the European Union and other partners, as well as investment in prevention measures and strengthening border security.


The Erdoğan's actions at the Ecumenical Patriarchate, in the context of International Women's Day, they highlight a provocative approach that seeks to strengthen its domestic policy. His jabs at the Ecumenical Patriarchate, despite the lack of protests or reactions from other actors, are part of an effort to project the image of his power and influence inside Turkey.

However, the silence accompanying these actions by other countries and international forums may be interpreted as an attempt not to provoke Turkey and to maintain the diplomatic balance. This may be indicative of the international community's difficulty in effectively dealing with Turkey's provocative behavior, especially when diplomacy and dialogue appear to be ineffective tools.

As for Elpidophoros, the loss of his voice can be interpreted as a sign of the weakening of democracy and freedom of speech in Turkey. While he used to be a vocal supporter of rights and democracy, his silence of late has raised concerns about the direction the country is taking.

In general, Erdogan and Turkey face many challenges both domestically and internationally, and addressing these challenges requires a comprehensive and diversified approach that takes into account the different fields of action and the different aspects of the crisis.


The Declaration of Athens is an important text that shaped the relations between Greece and Turkey in 1930. This declaration was a way to ensure peace and stability in the region and to define mutual agreements and commitments between the two countries.

However, referring to the Declaration of Athens in relation to Erdogan and modern Turkey can be a reminder of the principles and values ​​contained in this historic document. The Declaration of Athens seeks to consolidate peace and friendship between the two neighboring countries, as well as their commitment to resolving disputes through peaceful means and dialogue.

However, reference to this declaration in a contemporary context can also highlight the challenges and provocative actions facing the region today. Turkey, through its actions, may seek ways to subvert or violate the principles contained in this historic document, thereby creating challenges to peace and stability in the region.

Ultimately, reference to the Declaration of Athens may be a way to remind Turkey of the importance of complying with international legal obligations and the principles of international peace and security. Possibly, such a reminder could play a crucial role in resolving disputes and establishing peace and stability in the region.




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  2. ERT News (https://www.ert.gr/) – Official website of the Hellenic Radio and Television that provides news and analysis on the issues of Greece and abroad.
  3. Hurriyet Daily News (https://www.hurriyetdailynews.com/) – Website with news and analysis on Turkish affairs, including developments in the relationship with Greece and the Aegean.
  4. Al Jazeera (https://www.aljazeera.com/) – News website covering news from the Middle East and the world, with extensive coverage of issues concerning Turkey and its region.



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