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How do you explain the German interventions on the eve of our European elections?

How do you explain the German interventions on the eve of our European elections?

22 Apr, 2024

Afterwards secret meeting on April 3, under the auspices of the Friedrich-Elbert-Siftung Foundation of the SDP, where those present analyzed the dangers, but also the methods of avoiding spread of "extreme", according to them, political parties, in Greek European elections, To be continued.

The continuation comes, always, from the side Germany.

The German ambassador then took over, in the context of his meeting, on the 16th, with students of German studies. Although the topic of the meeting was the Greek-German relations, Mr. Kindle took the opportunity to warn Greek students about the dangers of voting in the upcoming European elections, "extreme parties». Mr. Ambassador thought it unnecessary to enlarge upon the reasons of the dangerousness of these parties, as he took them to be widely known.

These outside interventions
 raise reasonable questions:

*In the first place, one wonders if, on the eve of the European elections, they fall under the general requirements of democracy, attempts to influence voters about what they should not vote for (and conversely what they should vote for). Even more so, as these suggestions do not come from a specific political party (which would possibly have some justifications), but from a representative of a foreign country, which considers it its right to intervene and trying to influence our own election result.

*Secondly, the question arises about the what exactly are they after? this kind of interventions, for and against Greek political parties, which are also addressed to the youth, and which are launched by a representative of a foreign country, who obviously does not express his personal opinions.

*These interventions, which already acquire cumulative nature, and which aim at the manipulation of the election result in our country, it is asked who they favor and against whom exactly?

The questions are like unsolved equations.

The fact of the non-existence of the Greek Government's reaction to the countermeasures, but in the same direction, interventions of a foreign power, in its national sovereignty, is surprising. That, these efforts are, certainly, anti-democratic, no one doubts of course. The fact that even the EU, which is particularly sensitive in similar cases, does not intervene, also remains inexplicable, in order to cauterize and prevent these apparently unorthodox practices.

Europe in the vortex of populist, non-systemic, "extreme right" parties

The often convulsive interventions in the run-up to the European elections are explained, however, by panicked traditional governments, while watching the rapid expansion in Europe and the world, of the new political parties.

Indeed, in the last 20 years or so, new political parties have emerged with characteristics that differ substantially from their traditional right-wing, centrist and left-wing counterparts. These new parties they are gradually displacing traditional governments.

Their genesis is the reaction to the ills accumulated by globalization, in the middle and lower social class, and in the face of which the systemic parties remained inactive.

These new parties generally turn against globalization, against perpetual austerity and extreme neoliberalism, against the elite, which they consider corrupt. They expect the interventionist state to redistribute income and are generally in favor of the nation-state and the traditional values ​​of life. The important thing is that these newly formed parties they promise to do everything that the systemic parties had undertaken and failed to implement..

Already 15 of the 27 EU member states have non-systemic parties, with the principles of which at least 20% of their population agrees. Thus, more and more governments in Europe, not only are close to the steps of Hungary and until recently also of Poland, but in addition they also face the possibility of their exit from the EU and the euro.

Based on the above, it is possible to interpret the characterizations that the traditional governments throw indiscriminately against them, including the "far-right", the "populist", the "conservative", the "non-progressive", the "retarded" . And these characterizations intended to mock, in demoting, ridiculing or even highlighting the alleged danger to democracy of these new and emerging political parties. Let me remind here that these characterizations are very similar, nowadays, for many cases, and as is known were used, as a rule, during the period of selling out the name of Macedonia.

The EU, therefore, is going through an extremely difficult period, as to the permanent inadequacies of its operation and its often disappointing choices, there are also extremely dangerous, for its situation, upheavals, both at national and international level. Especially now, when the unnecessary continuation of the inhumane war, against her Ukrainianaccumulates intractable problems in Europe, while on the contrary it favors it in various ways Russia.

To justify the European he panic, against the rapid expansion of populist political parties in Europe, the immoral German interventions in the outcome of the upcoming European elections, in Greece? And, even, to be able to interpret it lack of reactions from the EU and our Government against them?

source https://www.newsbreak.gr/

 photo 12019 / https://pixabay.com 

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