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insect meal

Beware of foods containing insect meal

13 Jul, 2023

At the beginning of January 2023, the use of partially defatted house cricket powder as an ingredient in food was approved by the EU, with the justification that this will help to tackle climate change and the food crisis. The same regulation also refers to the use of the yellow mealworm and the migratory locust.

It is expected that the list of insects will grow in the near future, always with the same excuse and probably in a short time the food we consume will contain ingredients from 12 different insects, with the fear that the list of allergies will grow - at least - not to mention other potential effects on human health.

The European Commission states that "it is up to consumers to decide whether they want to eat insects or not. The use of insects as an alternative source of protein is not new and insects are regularly consumed in many parts of the world,” but the listing of ingredients on food labels is not clear.

For example, products that display the phrase alphitobius diaperinus on the supermarket shelves mean that there is a mealworm in the food, possibly frozen or dried, in pulp or powder.

As the Food Safety Authority has stated: “the consumption of the assessed insect proteins may potentially lead to allergic reactions. This can be especially the case in people with pre-existing allergies to crustaceans, dust mites and in some cases molluscs. In addition, allergens from food (eg gluten) may end up in the insect being consumed. Therefore, the approval of this new food clarifies this issue and establishes specific labeling requirements regarding allergenicity.'

The question that remains unanswered is whether this step will actually help to deal with the climate crisis, and especially the food crisis. What is certain is that the alteration in this way in the diet of the people of the western part of the planet, at least, will greatly increase the list of diseases from various diseases, of all kinds.



Source https://giorgoskatsadonis.blogspot.com/2023/03/blog-post_32.html?fbclid=IwAR2Op1Ap1aRM9C1moDxcZDBB9C7ab2zn05raBEOhDfQFQFe6fr_WEx3J15o&m=1




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