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In the inn of the night

Evangelia Aretoglidou-Folia
14 Jun, 2024
In the inn of the night

In the inn of the night

In the inn of the night

 Darkness everywhere.. Desert in the great mountains of Pindos and the road uphill with sharp bends that take your breath away..

The ever-growing shadows of the trees as if they want to spread fear and panic on this unknown road make our journey even more difficult. But we had to pass him. We couldn't stop anywhere.

Difficult climb.. Car tires squealed at every turn, but we all wanted to go home. The lights sometimes tried to find their way through the imposing fog, which appeared out of nowhere in these unknown and endless mountains.

As if some invisible hand was putting obstacles in order to stop our progress. We slowly ascended with shortness of breath, feeling that the oxygen would run out by the minute. 

The children looked at their father anxiously, without speaking, feeling the difficulty of driving on this unknown road, which we were crossing for the first time.

They kept their eyes wide open, waiting for the conditions to improve. But I too had my attention directed only ahead, anxious to see what we would meet. 

My saliva was dry and my throat was parched. I was trying to look cool, to avoid panic. I prayed that we would find parking. But nowhere...

Unexpectedly, a beautiful meadow appears in front of us with a small inn at its edge. He had all his lights on, which gave us a great relief after so much trouble and wandering. 

Although it was night, by this point the sky had become brighter and we could all make out the stars shining in a cloudless sky, with shades of blue and purple. Peace everywhere. No noise at all.

We got out of the car and headed for the little inn. Approaching, we saw the inn nowhere. 

The lights of the inn were still on and the beds were made, ready to accommodate our tired bodies from the long climb up the unknown mountains. 

So we arranged our luggage and tired as we were, we lay down on the clean sheets to sleep until morning, to continue after the return journey. 

At one point, while everyone was sleeping, I heard a hum above the inn. I got out of bed girded with a huge apron that reached my ankles and started walking through the beautiful meadow that was full of lush broadleaf grass full of dewdrops. They came up to my waist. I could feel the slightest rustle as I walked among them. 

But my curiosity was to see where this hum was coming from. 

I looked up into the sky and saw a plane _not very big _circling over the meadow and the inn. So I noticed the plane. Although it was night, I could see it clearly, because it was not far from the earth.

Suddenly, I saw bright, large and unprecedented flowers fall from the plane towards where I was. The size of each flower was as much as my palm could fit!

The paradox was that they did not break! I gathered them by spreading my handfuls and they filled my big apron.

I have not encountered the beauty of these flowers anywhere in all the years I have lived. 

They were as soft as wax and had different colors on each of their petals!

As they slowly fell, I noticed that inside each one was light! So what I didn't have time to collect fell into the green grass.

The light radiating from each flower guided me to the place where it was so that I could distinguish it in the night and be able to take it. 

My big apron was filled with these beautiful flowers. 

Even though I have been painting for many years, the uniqueness of these flowers that do not exist on earth, has become impossible to capture!

These colorings do not exist anywhere. Not even this size. Not even this uniqueness!

So as I was still collecting the otherworldly ornaments, I heard a voice from heaven:


Soon the plane left and I, with my apron full, entered the inn, where everyone was sleeping. 

I arranged with great reverence the gifts of heaven, and as soon as day dawned, we continued our return journey.

The flowers in our luggage never withered!

I wish I could be in a seat on the plane too, so I could share the joy with people!

Fine, like the one I tasted that night... in my dream.




photo https://deepdreamgenerator.com/ 

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