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To those who think that Greece does not matter today, let me say that they could not make a bigger mistake. Today, like old Greece, is of the utmost importance for anyone looking to find himself.

Henry Miller, 1891-1980, American author

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29 Feb, 2024

The continuation of the article of Pan. Traiano


He moves away from them and tries to "level up". He feels happy and safe only when he is "higher" than the rest. If this difference is ensured by the top of a "hill", this is what he "conquers"...and there he stays!!! If society itself is "high" enough and the "hill" is not enough, then Capricorn looks for a bigger "mountain" with a higher "peak" to do the same. His weakness as a leader of people is that he always adapts to the level society is at and not the other way around! ...he does NOT "pull" society "up", but pulls himself "up" ...just to stand out! ...He is comfortable when he simply stands higher than her and does NOT seek to "pull" her towards him, because that entails extra trouble and effort for him with no commensurate gain to his power! Society's gain from this type of ruler is that she instinctively "follows" him and therefore improves herself...NOT "pulled" by him! ...In reality she, with her progress, forces him to "climb" higher and higher.

Therefore he too—like Leo—is dependent on the progress that society itself will make ALONE! ...The progress of society is what will "force" him to go even higher! ...The progress of society is what will force him to make greater personal sacrifices to stand out! If there is no progress, he simply gets comfortable...and continuously stands out, pretending to be the "god" of the "blind". The type of Capricorn ruler, that is, does not start from scratch, so that, regardless of the state in which society finds itself, he can "conquer" the highest peak that exists and "pull" society "up"..."Conquered » simply the highest peak, which at that moment secures him what he desires and he is permanently willing to "pay" for it...whatever it "costs"! ...Either a little—if he is lucky and wants to become a primitive "god"—or a lot—if there are great demands in a very advanced society—.

But his main "concern" is always the absolute control of the people who "trust" him! ...The people, through whom he wants to "stand out" ...The people, from whom he himself wants to be "deified". He is constantly improving the art of exercising power, so that the people cannot get rid of him! ...He is freed from "burdens" that expose him as a ruler, so that he can "climb" without causing! He is the first type of ruler, who appears to "suffer" more than those who follow him! He is the first type of ruler who the "higher" he climbs the more supposedly "humble" he becomes. The first type of ruler who the more power he has the more humble and "dull" symbols he has! From the golden lion "crown" we go, for example, to a hard thorn "crown" ... From purples and silks we go to dirty rags. His dominant concept of power is "CONTROL"! ...The constant "updating" of the will of his "flock" to follow him, to reach the "destination" that he himself has set for them.

That's why he climbs "on his back"! …Climbs like a goat climbing “backwards”! ...He climbs like this, because on the one hand he wants to control the "distance" of those who "follow him" and on the other hand he wants to see if - and to what extent - they react in the way he wants, which is the search for the "destination" that has been set for them and of course the "recognition" of one's own value! Capricorn, as we understand it, is "born" in complex societies...In societies that have mastered a good "level" of functioning and knowledge and are not limited to the "simple conflict" of Aries or the "simple conquest" of Leo! ...In societies which represent the final form of the evolution of Patriarchy! This means that the model of the Capricorn leader is much more demanding than that of his predecessors.

Capricorn "climbs" towards the Sky and this requires many qualifications and many sacrifices! …He's in pain for what he's doing! …Climbing to the top! …It lacks pleasures and “resources” to be “light”! ...He fights with his peers for the best and highest "position"! ...He is "hit" by the elements of nature! ...He is "hit" by the doubts of his followers, which act as "gravity"! As a domineering type he is willing to do anything and make ALL the sacrifices a man can make to achieve his goals—which ALWAYS involve some form of power over people. Everything he does, however, he does to be "seen"! He wants to be "seen" when he "hurts" or when he "bleeds"! …He wants to be “special”! ...He wants his audience to applaud him! ...He wants to become a "god" of those who see him...Whatever happens, he considers it as a new "chapter" added to the old one he collected, because he wants to prove to everyone that he is not like them! ...That he deserves to be different and to be so "high" there...That is, he does not hide his passions and sufferings, but shows them off, because these are the "guarantees" of his worth. He wants his fans to "remember", represent and "celebrate" his passions. Once he has secured absolute distinction from his 'flock', he enjoys his 'sight'.

Somewhere here comes the EVEN more awesome Aquarius! "... But - someone will say - here there must be a mistake ... A contradiction! How is it possible that Aquarius is included in the archetypes of power? Aquarius is a "rebel" ... He is an individualist, who does not want to organize and therefore to dominate followers who follow him ... He is an enemy of authority!...". Here's the whole thing! ...The anti-authoritarian can be an enemy of authority, but, because he has an opinion on the way it should be exercised, it is not strange that he becomes an authority! ….A victorious anti-authoritarian knowledge can become a knowledge of power! ...It's a matter of sign! ...Anti-power is power with a different sign and Aquarius "hides" behind this singularity! Aquarius is always one's enemy specific of power and NOT a friend of chaos! …He is a “revolutionary” subversive, but at the same time he is also conservative!…

For this reason, while seemingly gathering contradictory elements, he does not function as a split personality. He is a "rebel", who is "ruled" by the rebellious Uranus, but he is at the same time a hard-hearted "character"! ...Equally tough if not tougher than Capricorn, if one considers that they make the same sacrifices for their personal "flight" and without any guarantees of "reward" and "shine". Aquarius is actually a potential "killer" of power! ...He is the "flying" killer of "flying" overlords! ...The most dangerous enemy of power! Why; ...Because it works like a "ghost". He is not politically or socially active as a person with personal ambitions. Power does NOT "see" him ...NOT allowed to "see" him, because it does not increase his "size" through followers ...you do NOT know where he is and you do not know what he is doing ...you do NOT even know if he exists as an adversary!



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