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Alive - Dead

Living - Dead

Stefanos Lineos
28 May, 2024

"We don't think there has ever been such a violation of basic human rights in Gaza.. And, basically, nobody is talking.. On the contrary, we think it's the first time, in world history that
a horrifying, daily, genocide is taking place that the whole world sees before their eyes and remains dumbfounded.. Some shudder, rise up and rebel.. But all the others are defiantly indifferent..

And the crimes continue with greater severity, because they know very well that no one will be punished.. Since their "punishers" are their.. guides..::
And this whole tragedy continues, reaching the limits of comedy, with parallel... "peaceful" consultations. They are revealed by the uprising of all the Universities.. Thanks for the information, our friend, the Geopolitics Student, Angelos..

…” Both Republican and Democratic, US politicians have threatened ICC officials and said they will not allow arrest warrants to be issued against Israeli officials.
     And it's a laugh and a cry when they invoke the "Rules-based International Order" when it suits them.. And as soon as this.. order begins to threaten their interests, their mask falls and the ugly facade of American imperialism, it's starting to show. They are even thinking of dropping an atomic bomb to... end Gaza..!!
     The US allows itself and its allies to openly violate international law when .. it suits them.. But when there is the slightest chance of consequences against them... they threaten the relevant legal institutions.!! "

     Fortunately, however, some UN officials inform us, on their official website, about the unprecedented crimes of the Israeli army in Palestine. They are talking about a systematic attack of violence against the Palestinians in Gaza, with most of the victims being women and children….!!! They even discovered mass graves with almost 400 people, some of whom had been buried alive(!!!) while most are women and children.

The figures are also shocking from other official sources::
  The murderous state bombards Rafa. Genocide is now committed in terms of cannibalism. Americans and E.U. they are the direct accomplices of serious crime. As far as the Greek governments are concerned, only one short sentence by Harold Pinter says it all:
      "He who shakes the hand of the murderer has no morals"

Over 183 women give birth each day without pain medication,
Hundreds of babies have died due to lack of electricity for incubators, abortions have increased 300%,..And such is their arrogance that they can do whatever they want without anyone touching them. They have captured Rafah which is the only channel of communication with Egypt and the only road to pass through the Gaza strip, the humanitarian aid..!!
And it is not possible to consider.. normal all these crimes.. (whatever wrong-arguments are presented..). And acts.. terrorist, everything else..!!

We think this is the first time in world history that such a genocide has been carried out for the whole planet to see. All international organizations, all international laws and rules are trampled, all leaders remain apathetic, and most of the planet's citizens have turned into a mass.

Hopefully, when this text is published, this dark era will be a thing of the past. And may the voters for the European Parliament help so that it NEVER happens again...

But the song "Hind's Hall", by the American rapper Macklemore, about Palestine will remain forever. It is now sung by millions of students, all over the world. Our new friend, Areti, a law student, sent us a few verses, in our language, and we thank her very much:

     “..I sing and fear no one.. Pay the channels, not me..
        Sell ​​fear to whoever is afraid.. our generation is not afraid of you..
        No matter what you do, the truth will not be hidden
        They know her and see her, all the peoples united..”




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