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My skin... My last stronghold! (part 1)

Maria Niki Riginioti
8 Feb, 2023

As you may have read in my previous post, personal boundaries are important because they tell us where our own personal space ends and another's begins. Accordingly, our skin is our natural boundary that defines our body.

But what happens when our personal boundaries are either weak or non-existent, or when they are repeatedly violated? Then our skin becomes our last personal boundary, like the last fortress, the last bastion before the "fall"!

Something like this does not necessarily happen at the moment when our borders are "under attack" but as the last bastion it can start reacting in fear of a possible/upcoming "threat".

But let's look more specifically at various cases of skin symptoms/diseases linked to the violation of our personal boundaries.


Acute urticaria

A very common "allergic" reaction characterized by severe itching and areas of skin that swell (puff) in a circular or irregular pattern and become red and often by a wider discoloration of the skin in shades ranging from red, bright pink, to purple in places (bruise-like) or even yellow. It is often accompanied by angioedema in areas such as the eyelids and face or in other soft spots such as behind the knees or inside the wrists. It is characterized as acute when it occurs for less than 6 weeks and not regularly but occasionally. It differs from acute anaphylaxis in that the accompanying angioedema is not dangerous for airway obstruction, etc. It is a condition of an inflamed, migratory nature (appears in one area, subsides, appears elsewhere, etc.) with a strong burning sensation in more often than not it seems to come more from within than from an external factor. It is important to mention that only half of the cases are statistically related to natural causes. As we can see from its characteristics, it is an extraordinary defensive "attack" towards the incoming "invader". The body fires. It becomes inhospitable to any touch and creates an intensely unpleasant sensation that results in leaving no room for close association, setting the conditions for the desired distance. I could here characterize it as an urgent immediate reaction in situations where relationally or socially we cannot avoid an association or even in order to avoid an encounter.



The words eczema or dermatitis are a skin condition that has many different causes, but is usually characterized by dryness, itching, redness and inflammation of the skin. In a more severe manifestation, blisters and cracks may appear. The word eczema comes from the Greek word ek-zeo which means "to boil" and which describes well the condition of your skin when you have eczema but also the psychological state it is associated with . Atopic eczema (atopic dermatitis) is classified as an endogenous disease, meaning it is caused by internal factors. Although we often think that it is caused by some reaction of the skin after contact with a substance or as a manifestation of some food intolerance (preservatives, sausages, etc.) most people who manifest it have noticed that the reaction to substances or foods is not always the same and there are long periods of time which have no disturbance. This is due to the fact that the specific skin condition/reaction is associated with an internal strongly charged state - internal boiling - which in turn has been caused most of the time by a feeling of injustice, lack of understanding, increased (or compulsive) giving and other conditions associated with the patient or perforated boundaries or the systematic violation of them and a feeling of exploitation. Depending on the area of ​​the body that manifests is the correspondence with the unpleasant feeling (you can ask me in the comments about specific areas of the body that may concern you). It almost always concerns chronic conditions. Also, the characteristic peeling that eczema has and the new skin that is created during healing (an often repeated cycle of peeling-renewal-peeling-renewal...) shows the person's need for change and renewal of his personal boundaries which, however, does not succeed when the "invasion" situation continues.


(continued in next post with reference to other skin conditions)

Maria Niki Riginioti
Health consultant
Psychosomatic therapy
Holistic approach


photo Pexels  / https://pixabay.com/ 


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