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Florida's Hellenic Newspaper and Hellenic Radio, based in Miami
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coronavirus type virus

New virus, corona virus type, imported from China

18 Jan, 2024

In the last few days, there have been intense discussions surrounding the fact that a new coronavirus-type virus has made its appearance, and in fact by Chinese researchers.

As it is said, it is a mutated strain of the corona virus and this is already causing great concern since experiments on rodents showed that it is a 100% deadly virus.

With the pandemic just a few steps behind us, this news has spread fear around the world. And the news begins with research studies done in Chinese laboratories, which cloned the GX_P2V virus that was originally identified in pogolins, the strongest hosts that likely caused the pandemic.

The Chinese researchers first engineered the rodents to produce a human protein and then exposed them to the virus to study the human response to the virus. This experiment proved that the rodents died within 8 days, having suffered brain and eye damage. In fact, it seems that this virus is spreading in the body.

And of course this research by Chinese labs has sparked a backlash from scientists around the world, who argue the non-scientifically valid "research" was only done to multiply existing problems and create new ones.




source https://naftemporiki.gr, photo fernandozhiminaicela / https://pixabay.com

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