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29 Feb, 2024

After two years of disastrous management of Sars-Cov-2 by most governments but also by the famous "World Health Organization" (WHO), which as a main result had the degradation of health systems, the reduction of everything in "individual responsibility", the enormous economic and mental burden on the population and the unprecedented restriction of individual and democratic rights, this same "World Health Organization", having received the green light from the European Council, is working on a binding legislation of global force around from the way of preventing and dealing with the next pandemics, with the transformation of the P.O.Y. into a kind of supranational and supragovernmental governing body. 

Already, an "Intergovernmental Negotiating Body" formed for this purpose, started its work from February 24, 2022 and will continue on June 6-8. Also, at the General Assembly of the P.O.Y. held from May 22 to 28 in Geneva, this is one of the key themes.

For the above plans, we could never expect information or opposition from the fully controlled mass media and from the informal coalition of the systemic parties, right-wing and supposedly left-wing, which with health terrorism prepared solid foundations for the dystopia of the future. Their false narratives have collapsed one after the other and they are all accountable for the unacceptable and fascist schemes and impositions they fully supported and continue to support. 

As active and thinking citizens, we express our opposition to the elaboration of such international legislation in the absence of peoples and societies, especially by decision-making centers and bodies such as the "World Health Organization", which has repeatedly been accused of biased policy in favor of all of the nature of financial interests that fund it heavily. 

The budget of the P.O.Y. consists of Member State contributions covering less than 20%, while over 80% comes from voluntary and intentional contributions from public or private donors, mainly foundations and pharmaceutical companies. For example, more than 14% of WHO's total budget comes from the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, which is its largest private donor. 

In particular, we express our strong fears that the purpose of the promoted "global pandemic treaty" will be: 

a) The further degradation of public health systems, 

b) The further restriction of the right of self-determination of the human body and in general of individual and democratic rights, 

c) The provision of unlimited profit opportunities to pharmaceutical companies, 

d) State funding of ethically questionable research and medical experiments, as well as potential coercion of citizens to submit to them, 

e) The fight against alternative treatments that are incompatible with the interests of the powerful sponsors of the P.O.Y., 

f) Ensuring in P.O.Y., in a private institution in essence, unlimited power at the expense of the sovereignty of the peoples. 


So we say NO to the promoted "International Pandemic Treaty". 

There is no health without freedom and without democracy! 



Front of Educators TOGETHER 


source  https://contradystopia.blogspot.com/

 photo Alexandra_Koch / https://pixabay.com 


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