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To those who think that Greece does not matter today, let me say that they could not make a bigger mistake. Today, like old Greece, is of the utmost importance for anyone looking to find himself.

Henry Miller, 1891-1980, American author

Florida's Hellenic Newspaper and Hellenic Radio, based in Miami
The Greek News and Greek Radio in FL

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Poetry day today...

Poetry day today...

22 Apr, 2024

How encouraging that we dedicate an entire day to celebrate poetry and its effect on our souls. Poetry, as a canvas of emotions and thoughts, has the power to embrace the human soul in a unique and profound way.

On this day, celebrated worldwide, people come together to celebrate the art of words, which poets use to express their deepest thoughts and feelings. Poetry crosses time and space, connects different cultures and provides a language that every human soul understands, regardless of cultural differences.

Poetry is much more than just words in a line. It is the melody of human existence, the pulse of emotions and the reflection of the world through the eyes of the poet. Through poetry, people discover beauty, sadness, wonder and hope in a community of feelings and ideas.

From Homer and the ancient epics to Emily Dickinson, Pablo Neruda and modern poets, poetry has captured people's attention and hearts. In times of joy, mourning, love and melancholy, poetry provides a safe and reassuring refuge.

Poetry Day is a reminder to appreciate the power of words and their ability to touch our souls. So let's celebrate this extraordinary art form that unites, inspires and embraces human existence in a unique way.



Love and Abandonment

Deep in the heart, a song whispers,

Making up a story of love and pain.

In the moonlight, the shadows dance,

Holding together the memories of the past.

Dreams that bloom like flowers in the garden of hope,

In every breath, a song of love passes.

But time, the invisible thief, takes its toll,

And the distance remained, until the world was lost.

In the silence of the night, thoughts of chains change,

Embracing solitude, embracing the passage of time.

But even in the dark, a light still shines,

Love, always present, even when the heart hurts.

And so the dance of life continues, with highs and lows,

Keeping hope alive in the midst of adversity.

Because love is our true homeland, the fruit of our heart,

And despite the abandonment, always there, to embrace us in the end.


author: Ioanna Lazarou



photo valerioerrani / https://pixabay.com 

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