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printed meat

Printed meat

13 Jul, 2023

Videos on youtube, social media and elsewhere show us in a completely normal way how printed meat is produced for consumption.

As you can see in the video below, a steak can be "produced" in 1 minute, while the producers of printed meat ironically decide against the "infectious" presence of a cow in the world and in nature. The printer does not produce carbon, does not pollute, does not disturb.

What big fast food chain wouldn't be looking for such a quick and cheap solution? This is exactly what the "producers" mention in the video: https://www.facebook.com/100026607763929/posts/830547935251535/?vh=e&extid=MSG-UNK-UNK-UNK-AN_GK0T-GK1C

In the video below you can also see the options for each steak: fat, muscle tissue, blood, so that the printed meat looks like meat. In other words, to resemble something that man has included in his diet for hundreds of thousands of years.  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tXksi9gynQE 

This issue naturally refers to reasons of economy, profit and not at all health and culture - this is mostly clear.


photo https://businessinsider.com 

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