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Results of the new plan of EL.AS.

Results of the new plan of EL.AS.

18 Apr, 2024

Results of the new plan of EL.AS. the first 15 April 2024 to tackle crime, domestic violence, juvenile delinquency and improve road safety

The Hellenic Police is implementing a plan of special targeted actions with three main directions, with the aim of preventing, deterring and dealing with crime, domestic violence and juvenile delinquency, as well as improving citizens' road safety.

Specifically, on the first 15th of April 2024, to deal with the phenomenon of domestic violence, the services of the Greek Police, and especially the operational Offices for Dealing with Domestic Violence, which deal with the majority of incidents, became active.

In this context, police officers across the country responded to 2.165 calls to the Immediate Action call center and 161 female victims were given the Panic Button application. In total, 1.496 incidents were managed, for which 831 arrests were made, while at the same time 27 victims were transported to structures with Greek Police vehicles.

It is recalled that, with the care of the Greek Police, in the region of each Police Directorate throughout the territory, one or more specially designed areas that function as "safe houses" have been secured, for the short-term safe accommodation of female victims of domestic violence, as well as members of of their family, such as their minor children, who need protection (related to 12-04-2024 Announcement).

At the same time, in order to prevent and deal with juvenile delinquency and violence between minors, with the aim of strengthening the sense of security of themselves and their parents, soft policing actions are implemented, by trained female and male police officers, in neighborhoods, squares and points that young people gather and incidents have occurred.

Thus, throughout the territory, have been carried out:

  • 11.653 person checks,
  • 641 additions,
  • 395 arrests, while
  • 544 violations were confirmed.


In the same direction, targeted police actions continue to deal with crime as well as to improve the level of road safety for citizens.

For this reason, teams are active with the participation of visible and invisible police officers, from various Services, taking into account the local operational plans and emphasizing areas and settlements where increased incidents of delinquency are observed.

In more detail, during the actions to fight crime across the country, from April 1 to 15, 1.225 special police operations were carried out, during which:

  • 183.259 people were checked,
  • 10.969 were imported and
  • 3.694 were arrested.


In addition, indicatively, 556 thefts - burglaries, 109 frauds, 98 vehicle thefts, 63 robberies, 25 computer frauds as well as 1.166 weapons and 694 drug related cases were investigated.

Furthermore, the Traffic services carried out special outings and targeted checks, especially in large urban centers, to deal with delinquent and dangerous-anti-social driving behaviors, with the aim of the smooth and safe movement of citizens and the safeguarding of human life.

249.090 traffic checks of vehicles were carried out and 81.290 violations were confirmed, for which the corresponding administrative fines were imposed.

Indicatively, the violations confirmed, among others, concern:

  • 15.653 for speeding,
  • 4.129 for not wearing a helmet,
  • 2.993 for deprivation of driving license,
  • 2.726 for not using a seat belt,
  • 1.771 for KTEO,
  • 1.288 for drunkenness,
  • 1.078 for using a mobile phone while driving and
  • 601 for a red light violation.


These targeted actions will continue with undiminished intensity to improve the level of road safety, prevent and suppress crime, provide the best possible protection for victims of domestic violence, but also so that no child feels alone and unprotected.

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photo dimitrisvetsikas1969 / https://pixabay.com 

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