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The Christian Faith as a Source of Psychic Power

The Christian Faith as a Source of Psychic Power

18 Apr, 2024

How can every devout Christian maintain his faith, when he is daily beaten and tested in such difficult times?

Faith in our Triune God is what will support us in all the difficulties we face in our lives. As uncertain and futile as what we experience may seem

He knows our needs and is ready to guide us with slow and steady steps, as long as we ask him mentally through prayer, as long as we lean on Him and let him lead us to the true paths of spiritual joy.

What man does not need in such dark times of uncertainty that we live to calm his soul and redeem himself?

Only He can comfort us, extend His holy hand to us.

What child could ever grow up alone? If he didn't have his parents to take care of it. It is exactly the same with our Heavenly Father who knows inwardly our every need and our every thought.

There are many people who are skeptical of the Christian doctrine of our Orthodox faith. For some people, faith is not understood and therefore not utilized as much as it should be.

Some consider any discussion of religion to have no logical basis, believing it to be yet another illusion and there lurks the devil trying to distort what our living heart feels.

The driving force of our Orthodox faith lies in the trust we show in the Lord because He blesses and prospers those who trust Him with soul and body.

Do not question things that you do not perceive with your naked eyes, because the Lord gave us the Light to see and create. No human mortal can logically comprehend His infinite wisdom.  

Know that God will not reward you according to your desires but according to what is best for you according to His eternal plan.

When you pray with sincerity and real eagerness, then your faith will become a living and powerful source of light between you and Him.

We should not forget that the roots of Christianity were inaugurated through the New Testament and that it remains a powerful and indestructible symbol for every Christian. Our only weapon is unwavering faith in God and daily prayer as a bridge of communication between us and Him.


My dear Christians,

Pray reverently and God will hear you as long as you call upon Him.

You should always have the following thoughts as your compass…

  • Pray with sincerity and pure intention.
  • Trust God's judgment.
  • Be magnanimous like Him.
  • Don't forget that every test no matter how difficult it is always makes us stronger and strengthens our mental strength to face every obstacle that comes our way.
  • Be patient and fight every time with stubbornness and fortitude in your life.
  • Love your neighbor and do not refuse your help to your fellow man.
  • Take care every day because many of our fellow human beings need our help.

         The Lord is close to Us, He loves us deeply and with fullness of time. All the trials we experience are part of our inner purification and rebirth as souls heading for the heavenly and eternal light of His Love.



photo jatocreate / https://pixabay.com 

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