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To those who think that Greece does not matter today, let me say that they could not make a bigger mistake. Today, like old Greece, is of the utmost importance for anyone looking to find himself.

Henry Miller, 1891-1980, American author

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The Antichrist was "trapped" in Palestine!...

The Antichrist was "trapped" in Palestine!

Panagiotis Traianou
28 May, 2024

...Gaza will become his "grave"!...

…Armageddon in full swing!…

...The "City" is again in the "hands" of the Romans!

The continuation of the article of Pan. Traiano

But to understand how their empires work, we need to know how empires work IN GENERAL and their emperors SPECIFICALLY. Empires are PRIMARY associated with the concept of "Knowledge" and secondarily with the concept of "Territory". They can, as organized systems of people, who manage material capital and infrastructure, be defeated by armies, but this "defeat" can also be achieved by the use - exclusively and only - of Knowledge!!! ...In other words, you can seize an empire by the force of the "sword" from its owner, but there is also the case that it itself will be handed over to you by itself, due to the superiority of your knowledge, which he will want to "adopt"! Different emperors with different "armies" follow different strategies, but they have the same goal...The goal that an empire always has...The goal of conquering world power! This is always the goal of an empire! …Alexander became Emperor defeating Darius and Jesus became Emperor "convincing" Constantine the Great! Different was the strategy of Alexander, who, at the head of the armed Greeks, climbed to the "top" of the World, and different was that of Jesus, who, also as the head of His barefoot compatriots, climbed to the same peak. Simply One was officially the leader of His countrymen and the Other was "mutually cursing" with His own countrymen!

Alexander's strategy has a visible military "start" and it is immediately visible! ...Be blind, you will see her! ...Be deaf, you will hear her! It starts with a "sword" strike, which aims to mortally wound the opponent. It begins with martial energy and all that entails. This strategy—in the management of its victory—is "front-heavy" and therefore easily perceived in terms of both its implementation and its goals. In other words, all the elements that characterize it are visible! ...Greek was the winner and Greeks were His "staffs" and successors. The common goal of all of them was the imposition of the Greek worldview and this was the goal of victory! The Persian empire, which was defeated, changed its "direction" and gradually became Greek, because of the Greek successors of Alexander, who launched the great Hellenization of its social base... ALL visible and ABSOLUTELY perceptible!!!

On the contrary, Jesus' strategy is "dumb"! …She is slow to “start” and is “poisonous”! …It does not appear threatening in its manifestation, and by the time its symptoms appear, it is already too late! Jesus' strategy does not begin with a battle, but with a general and abstract message of "peace", which "hypnotizes" and "numbs" the opponent to the point where he does not react. Because it has no violent symptoms, it can invoke the exact opposite of what it actually seeks and does... It can operate without direct "conflicts", because it "bypasses" with great "humility" reactions... It can increase the power of the empire with anti-authoritarian speech, as the "infallible" Pope "says" very well from the balcony of the Palace of the Apostles! ...He can kill in the name of "love", as the Conquistadores assure us! ...He can punish harshly in the name of "forgiveness", as the "Inquisitors" assure us! As far as its management is concerned, it is "backward" and therefore very difficult to detect—both for its application and its goals—…

…It does not clearly show the facts concerning her…The Emperor does not directly show His choices or preferences…Their tactics are similar, but they are not the same…Jew is the winner—and, of course, the imposition of the Jewish worldview was the for His victory—but His "staffs" are not clearly seen who they are! Are they Jews like Him, as in the case of the Greeks? Are they random barbarians or heathens who became Christians? What exactly is; ...We'll have to wait until the end for them to be revealed so we can see who exactly they are. This is the "backlash" of Jesus' strategy. Why is this happening; ...For the victorious Jesus, in the case of His own battle, was not accompanied by the troops of His countrymen. The ex-Judaism of the social base was "mute" and "undeclared" at the time when Jesus himself was "cursing" the Jews. Only at the end—and after thousands of years—do the Jews emerge as sovereign victors, framing the Jewish Jesus in a purely Jewish empire.

Thus it is explained how a man, whose entire Teaching was the separation of God's share from Caesar's, finally succeeded and took ALL of Caesar's authority Himself. This explains the fact that, thousands of years after the victory of the Jewish Jesus at the expense of the Greek Empire, His "staff" only in our days are "finally" Jews. He Himself did not succumb to the "temptation" of the Devil, but He gave Rights and Powers to those who, in His knowledge, were impossible to avoid Him and were His fellow disciples. Alive He shunned sin, but dead, through the Apostles, He took it all upon Himself, as was intended for His role. Isn't He the one who said He would take ALL the sins of the people upon Himself???!!! ...He did NOT lie!!! ...and, whoever understood, understood!

The whole strategy of Jesus is mysterious and for this reason it is dangerous... It is deadly dangerous, because it "raises" - with the "elevator" of "anointing" and "rights" - to the top of power people who did not have no objective qualification and therefore they were not entitled to this position...They were not entitled to it, because they did not know it and they would not be judged for their mistakes, because their Lord was "covering" them. Because, whoever questioned them, questioned the Divine Succession and thus also God. Along with them He "brought up" through the "back door" and the rest of the Jews, who not only had not been "declared" as His "competitors", but appeared as His "false enemies". All of these were Jesus' choices, because His strategy was based on deception and surprise and therefore had specific needs for its implementation. Alexander and the Greeks had no problem with "visibility" because they relied on their incredible power, while Jesus and the Jews had a problem with "visibility" because they relied only on their incredible cunning.

For this reason we mentioned above that an empire—as opposed to a common kingdom—can only be conquered by knowledge. The "sword" in the case of empire is that optional means, which simply accelerates a situation! ...Knowledge is the ABSOLUTELY mandatory "weapon" and ONLY through it is there "conquest". The "sword" made it easy for Alexander, but it was Greek knowledge that was used as a "weapon" and allowed him to "conquer" the great empire of Babylon. Alexander and Jesus, therefore, may have differed in the secondary, which is the "sword", but they were both "armored", because they had the corresponding Knowledge...They both "carried", in addition to their personal knowledge and the additional "capital" of the peoples to which they belonged. The goal of both was triumph and world domination!


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