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To those who think that Greece does not matter today, let me say that they could not make a bigger mistake. Today, like old Greece, is of the utmost importance for anyone looking to find himself.

Henry Miller, 1891-1980, American author

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The Antichrist was "trapped" in Palestine!

Panagiotis Traianou
10 Jun, 2024
The Antichrist was "trapped" in Palestine!...

The Antichrist was "trapped" in Palestine!...

The Antichrist was "trapped" in Palestine!...

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"Son of Man" follows from another "starting point". He starts from Asia, to recover the empire on behalf of Andras and therefore on behalf of the cruel patriarchy...To recover what Darius lost. It starts with a humble "donkey" and this is what is described as a "Blue Horse"! ...A "donkey", which is no more in size than His completely uneducated and irrelevant Twelve Apostles associates. This Jewish "donkey" would forever be confined to Judea—to the level of a common sect of Judaism—if the "Pyrrhic Horse"—in full force—did not make the mistake of going to Palestine to "trample under foot" the Jews. Then he "scattered" the Jews to the ends of the empire and together with them the "donkey" along with his "Hippea" - despite all his small size - was able to spread out and "hook" onto the huge "Fiery Horse" ». The "Fiery Horse" "ruptured" an "abscess" of his in Palestine, which eventually "infected" his entire "body." The "pestilence" referred to in Revelation was inevitable!

For three centuries, this "contamination" poisoned the great "Horse" of Rome throughout the territory of the empire, and this was due to the mistake of Titus. Trajan tried in vain to "cure" him, attempting to once again limit the "contamination" in Palestine...The mistake had been made and was now irreparable. The "Fiery Horse", because of this "contamination", had been "bruised"! ...He had taken the color of the "donkey" and had become "Melas"! ...Theoretically the "donkey" for the first time had taken on the size of a normal imperial "Horse"—albeit in a parasitic way—on a foreign "body"! Thus we reached the years of Constantine the Great, so that the "Horseman" of the original Asian "donkey" could move to the "saddle" of the "Pyrrhic Horse" and take his "gemia". That's when the "piracy" actually happened! For the first time the humble "donkey" had the form of a normal "Horse", albeit with a "borrowed" trunk...His APO Jesus himself "mounted" on the "Fiery Horse" - initially as a "partner" of the now "poisoned" Greek Emperor of of Rome—! The empire continued to be Roman, but with a new mixed leadership.

This huge change, however, required a New Headquarters. The "Horse" remained in the "Pyrrhus" system, but with a new yellow-black "hue" of "death" since the "Horsemen" changed...A new Emperor was added and that meant new partners. But who would they be? Jews of this level of education did not exist and executives were necessarily selected from the old human resources that ruled the empire...Greeks were the ones who changed their religion to staff the mechanisms of the new "Horse" and new fellow "Horsemen" of the new Emperor did NOT appear!! ! The new "Horsemen" of the Jewish CO-emperor were mostly Christianized Greeks and so there was an informal partnership between Alexander and Jesus! ...This is what happened to Emperor Constantine! ...This is what the Double-Headed Eagle symbolizes! ....The Double-headed Eagle symbolized the cohabitation in New Rome of the two God-men!!!

Greco-Christian Rome was the one that ruled the world for about a millennium and a half! With Alexander's CO-emperor Jesus, the priesthood of the Judaized Greeks controlled the now Judaizing New Rome. But nothing had taken its final form. Why; ...Why did Jesus still rule over Alexander's "borrowed" empire...Why was the Jewish Emperor not yet surrounded by His fellow national "staffs"...The real Empire of Jesus had not taken its final form and its final dimensions, which would they were truly universal and truly His own…with authority in the hands of His fellow nations! This "ripening" of the situation is due to the misunderstanding regarding the role of Jesus and His relationship with the Jews. In other words, while we saw the mutation of the "White Horse" into "Pyrrhus" immediately, because the Greek Emperor was succeeded by Greeks in His place, in the case of Jesus we did not see this mutation happen in a similar way... It could not be immediate replacement of the Jewish Emperor by Jewish successor administrators.

The empire of the "Son of Man" would function for many more centuries with a "borrowed" "Horse" ... It had not taken its global form, which made it much larger than the Greek "origin" Roman Empire, in which until then the " "staffs" were still Greeks, who simply served the "pirate" Jewish Emperor...The original Jewish "staffs" of the Jewish Emperor had not mounted the "Horse" so that this "Horse" would take on its true "color" and don't just be the "bruised" "Fiery Horse"! This would necessarily take a long time, because the Jews did not conquer the Roman Empire like the Greeks conquered the Persian counterpart. A way had to be found for them to climb to the "top" of power and this required a great conspiracy, since it was not done with "swords"! The great leap of the Jews took place in 1922! What happened then? ...The great conspiracy of the Jews against the Romans! ...The famous Asia Minor Disaster! ...The Romans were "knocked down" from their position! ...After they were initially "poisoned", "stunned" and finally "fell" from the "Horse"! …They lost New Rome!

We are talking about cosmogenic evolution, which involved the entire Planet. In a more general "decimation", which included a World War, a Communist Revolution and a suicidal Civil War in the former Eastern Roman Empire, Hellenism was "destroyed"! ..."Hidden"! ..."He changed his faith"! ..."He got mad"! ..."Exchanged"! ...The mighty Roman Empire of the East was "dismembered"! Either to save her life or to save her property, she took the "edge" and left the "foreground" in which she had starred for two and a half millennia! ...She didn't even save her "seat"! He hid behind Kemal Atatürk, changed identities and religion and left himself at the mercy of the times...Romans who were Christians declared themselves "Mohammedans" and Romans who were Mohammedans declared themselves "atheists" Kemalists.

The "Son of the Woman" had been defeated and had "fallen" to the "dust"! ...The "City" was "struck" this time for good! His dead "piece" was left in Asia Minor to "rot". The only visible part of Romiosyn's "body", which was still alive and which carried the Greek "sperm", became little Greece! Her little society became the "pregnant" Mother, who could - under conditions - "rebirth" Him! ...The only place in the World where the Greek language was saved and with it the original "cell" of the "injured" "Son of the Woman" ...The only place in the World where the "mother" Language of God is now spoken! From 1922 to 1989—and without the hindrance of the Greeks—all the preparatory work was done, to move the Jewish Emperor and His authentic Jewish "chiefs of staff" to their own "Horse" and thus impose themselves on the world level! Then the "backlash" of Jesus' strategy became apparent. This was the first time that the Jews actually functioned as an imperial power under the authority of a Jewish Emperor. Jewish Christianity was now under complete Jewish authority!


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