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NATO's coming humiliation brings 'suicidal ecstasy'

Editorial team
13 Jun, 2024
NATO's coming humiliation brings 'suicidal ecstasy'

Η επερχόμενη ταπείνωση του ΝΑΤΟ, φέρνει «αυτοκτονική έκσταση»

Η επερχόμενη ταπείνωση του ΝΑΤΟ, φέρνει «αυτοκτονική έκσταση»

George Venetis writes

The Biden administration, through its proxies in Ukraine, launched an unprecedented attack on "a key element of Russia's nuclear umbrella," effectively blinding the Russian military from detecting incoming nuclear-armed ballistic missiles. Satellite images confirm that the attack, involving several drones, caused severe damage to a Russian early warning radar in the southwestern tip of the country, leaving Moscow more vulnerable to enemy attack. This appears to be a first of its kind attack, linked to Russia's overall strategic defense. Therefore, a new and worrying dimension of the conflict is emerging, with the increased possibility of the use of nuclear weapons. 


Serious damage

Satellite images show severe damage to both structures housing the Voronezh-DMs, which are a key part of Russia's largest strategic early warning network, and even their temporary loss could degrade the country's ability to detect incoming missiles. nuclear threats. Voronezh-DM is a nuclear weapons tracking radar only and is not involved in any way in the Ukrainian conflict. There are concerns about how this strike could affect the ability of Russia's overall strategic warning network to assess potential threats and eliminate false positives, due to possible loss of coverage in some areas. Strike at Russian early warning radar site prompts escalation of conflict in nuclear zone. There are also clear signs of damage to the radar buildings from the attack.

Radar arrays are generally very sensitive systems and even relatively limited damage can render them inoperable for a long time. Washington's deep involvement in the armed conflict and Kiev's absolute control over military planning mean that claims that the US is unaware of Ukrainian plans to strike Russia's anti-missile defense system can be dismissed. In any case, attacking the key element of Russia's nuclear umbrella threatens the entire global nuclear security architecture.


High risk challenge

Western media have largely glossed over the much-publicized incident. We recall that according to Russian nuclear doctrine, any attack on Russia's basic nuclear warning system provides justification for nuclear retaliation. But given the seriousness of the situation on the ground with the advancing Russian military, Washington is making a dramatic shift in its engagement, involving high-stakes provocations. We don't know if it's aimed at provoking an overreaction from Russia that would lead to immediate NATO intervention, or if the goal is to put pressure on Moscow to halt its advance. 

An undertaking so bold and potentially catastrophic, it leads us to assume that the plan to strike the facility was conceived at the highest level of government and approved by President Biden himself. Certainly, no low-ranking officer would risk his own career and possible court-martial. Also, the fact that the media has largely swept this attack under the carpet suggests that systemic journalists are once again colluding with government officials to prevent the attack from being disclosed to the general public.

The West has realized that it has no chance of prevailing in Ukraine without the participation of NATO. If indeed the US—through its proxies in Ukraine—continues to launch ever more lethal attacks on Russian soil, forcing Moscow to respond in kind, the world is headed for nuclear turmoil…


War at its most dangerous 

Russia's early warning network is part of the country's broader nuclear deterrent posture. The Principles of the State Policy of the Russian Federation on Nuclear Deterrence, published by the Kremlin two years ago, specify the possibility of the use of nuclear weapons by the Russian Federation, in the event of any attack against critical government or military sites of the Russian Federation, which would undermine the reaction energies of nuclear forces.  

The attack on a critical Russian nuclear defense facility – which could serve as a pretext for a nuclear exchange – shows that we have entered a new and more dangerous phase of Washington's war against Russia, with the train already off the station… 

The Ukrainian strike on a key element of Russia's nuclear umbrella shows that we are not standing on the precipice, but on the very edge... If such hostile actions are not stopped, an irreversible collapse of the strategic security of nuclear forces will begin. The first Russian reaction is the start of regular nuclear exercises by Russian forces in the country's Southern Military District, which borders Ukraine. 

In conclusion, the collective West is leading the planet down the nuclear path. The insistence of the US, NATO, EU, to violate all the red lines, which Russia has set, lead to uncharted waters. The green light in Ukraine to strike with Western weapons inside Russian territory is the latest challenge. The fact that we are not already in a hot war between superpowers is purely due to Russia's restraint.




Source: https://www.militaire.gr 

photo OpenClipart-Vectors / https://pixabay.com 

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