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To those who think that Greece does not matter today, let me say that they could not make a bigger mistake. Today, like old Greece, is of the utmost importance for anyone looking to find himself.

Henry Miller, 1891-1980, American author

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"The Musicians of Bremen" by Vivi Fanariotis, at the Paramythia theater

"The Musicians of Bremen" by Vivi Fanariotis, at the Paramythia theater

Roula Skurogianni
24 May, 2024

As part of the Panorama Festival held at the Paramythia theater*, starting on May 25 and ending on June 15, under the auspices of the SCREENWRITER ASSOCIATION OF GREECE, two shows will be presented on Friday, May 31 from 20:30 p.m.

  1. "The Musicians of Bremen or art (has) no honor", inText / Direction:Paraskevis Fanariotis.
    Playing-Singing: Paraskevi Fanarioti.

Welcome to the fantastic universe of musical animals, where Vivi V. (artistic Bavarian / native of the Bavarian Alps) a star of the German-speaking board, turns from a golden child of the dramatic art into a... donkey-soprano!
In this subversive performance, which amply proves that the Grimm storytellers are comfortable chatting with Cavafy and Brecht, the sails of our imagination travel to a world where animals don't just talk, but tell truths, sing and shine on stage! The star of the German-speaking theater, Vivi V., abandons Goethe, Schiller and the grandiose roles and transforms at once into the four-fold donkey, dog, cat and rooster, with the aim of triumphing at this year's Bambi (something like televised German Oscars)!

Manager Marion promises her a large sum of money as a lure if she gets deep into the skin of the role. The actions of our theatrical story "dance" in subversive, but also somewhat contemplative rhythms, as the donkey (around fifty, a wronged stubborn person), the cat (psycho-revolutionary with nuggets of loneliness), the dog (the friend who lost Don his Quixote) and the rooster (an "old" blue-blooded) meet under adverse conditions, arm themselves with courage and strength, managing to turn a bandit hideout into their personal paradise of music and friendship. The comic ... drama does not end with souls being saved, but continues to the tune of money makes the world go round.

Vivi B., a gladiator of the stage, has the right to dream of roles that deserve her (just like any artist). And dreams are born, suspended, but also canceled in the unexpected ending that she doesn't even imagine...

The show is presented in German without subtitles (Many thanks to Vassilis Vlachodimitropoulos and Marlene Kaminski for their valuable help).

with View 1

  1. "Fairytale with a View", Stories and songs about Theria
    Giorgos Liakos: guitar – singing | Giannis Filias: narration | Nala – Simba – Kronki: special sound effects

We read fairy tales about Theria. Yiannis Filias (narration), Giorgos Liakos (guitar-singing) while on stage, the three Theria (our dogs), Nala, Simba and Kronki, listen, comment and participate in their own unique way in the program. In the end, is John afraid of Therio, or Therio of George?

  • Total Duration both performances: 100 minutes
  • Ticket price 10 euros
  • Contact for seat reservations: info@paramithias.grvivifanarioti@yahoo.gr, 6974646343 and 6946787203
  • *Paramythias Theatre: Paramythias 27 & Mykalis, Kerameikos.

A few words about the contributors 
Paraskevi Fanariotis: Raised in Munich and Nuremberg, Germany. He holds a bachelor's degree
in German Language and Philology from the University of Athens and Magister Artium in Theater Studies and Cultural Communication from the Humboldt University of Berlin. Her focus on issues related to childhood, adult education, society, communication, theater
education and the teaching of the German language combined with her inherent idealism for understanding and (re)defining the world led her to obtain a master's degree in Education (Master's specialization
of German Language Teachers ) and a further master's degree in the field of Communication and Journalism. She worked for over 20 years as a German teacher and trainer in adult education, in primary and secondary education (Arsakeia/Tositseia Schools, Experimental Elementary School of the University of Athens, Greek-German Education), both in the public and private sectors. He has also worked as a journalist on cultural and educational issues in print and online media in Greece, for example from 2007 to 2016 in KATHIMERINI Newspaper. Characteristic is her interview in 2012 with the former Deputy Minister of Education of Germany Mrs. Cornelia Pieper as well as her article about the recognized contemporary art exhibition DOCUMENTA in inserts of the newspaper KATHIMERINI.
In 2016 he received a scholarship from the Pedagogical Institute of Germany to attend courses and teach at
Primary St. Laurentius Saarburg of the Federal State of Rhineland Palatinate. Since 2014, he has also participated in a theater-pedagogical project. In a recent position, she worked as a German language instructor in multicultural refugee departments in the Integration sector of the Salzburg MINISTRY ( Integrationshaus
Diakonie Salzburg). During her training as a teacher of Basic Education and Illiteracy (Alba Intensiv Educational Institution, Linz, Austria, 2017), she also participated in projects related to intercultural education, society and illiteracy (INTERKULTURELLE BEGEGNUNGEN / INTERCULTURAL CROSSOVER, VEREIN VIELE
Salzburg, 2017) Since 2012 she has been a certified examiner of the German language certification diplomas of the Goethe, ÖSD (Österreichisches Sprachdiplom) and ÖIF (Österreichischer Integrationsfonds) institutes. In addition, he is a member of the Hellenic Press Association Abroad, the Hellenic / German Academic Society and the intercultural association Vision Network Athens. She has completed the first cycle of continuing education in Theater Pedagogy at the Gauting Institute in Bavaria, Germany, approved by the theater pedagogy association of German-speaking spaces (TheaterpädagogIn But) and continues in February 2023 with the next one (instructors Marion Beyer & Hermann Vief). She works as a teacher
of German in secondary schools in Salzburg, Austria (Bundesgymnasium Salzburg and BHAS/HAK Hallein).
Giannis Filias: He was born in Athens. He studied Piano, Advanced Theory, Dance and Classical Singing at the Hellenic Conservatory, as well as Acting at the Karolos Koun Art Theater School. He is a Graduate of the Department of Music Studies
University of Athens and the Drama School of the New Hellenic Theater. As a soloist, he collaborated with musical and theater ensembles such as ERT Ensembles, Union of Greek Musicians, National Theatre, Art Theatre, ELLS, Athens Concert Hall, Orchestra of Colors, KOA, Camerata - Armonia Atenea,
Hellenic Theatre, Badminton Theater and composers such as Alkis Baltas, Theodoros Antoniou, Christos Leontis, Dionysis Tsaknis, Charalambos Gogios, Dimitris Maramis and directors such as Spyros A. Evangelatos, Kostas Gavras, Viktor Ardittis, Ester Andre Gonzales, Renato Tzanella, Ko at Koutsomytis, Olga Malea, Thomas Moschopoulos, Carmen Ruggeri, Marianna Kalbari, Stamatis Fasoulis, Vassilis Nikolaidis, Dimitris Lignadis, Sofia Spyratou, Paris Mexis, Themelis Glynatsis.
George Liakos: He was born in Athens in 1990. Graduated from the Department of Sociology of the Pantheon University of Athens, he studied advanced theories of music, classical guitar, classical and contemporary singing at the Municipal Conservatory of Ag. Anargyron and at the "Musical Association of Athens" conservatory. A graduate of Nellis Karras' "ARCHI" drama school, he attended seminars with Martha Frintzilas at "Baumstrasse", with Lydia Koniordou at "Desmos", as well as with Filareti Komninos at "Theatre of Changes".
He has participated both in musical performances ("New children in old costumes", "Belle reve", "The Daltons project" etc. in stages such as Almaz, Athenaeum, Cabaret Voltaire, One Thousand and Two Nights, Aliko) and in theater works (her "Biomagic".
Mariannas Kalbari, Fournos theater 2014 - 2015, "AnPhèBé", Beton7 2016, "Lithuania" - "Aliosa, the pickaxe", Alcmini theater 2017, "Stigmaios Kafes", Epi Kolonos theater 2018, dir. Yannis Filias, "Samotnosc", Angelon Vima 2018, "Antistoli", Athens and Epidaurus Festival 2018, dir. Pantelis Makkas, "In the Country" by Martin Crimp, Skrow Theater 2018, dir. Nelli Karras, "Simon Boccanegra", National Opera 2019, dir. Elijah Moshinsky, "The Lady of the Sea" 2019, dir. Dimitris Imellos, "Nutcracker" 2021, dir. Konstantinos Rigos, "Othello" National Opera 2022, dir. Robert Wilson et al.)

The articles we publish do not necessarily reflect our views and are not binding on their authors. Their publication has to do not with whether we agree with the positions they adopt, but with whether we consider them interesting for our readers.

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