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The name of North Macedonia

The name of North Macedonia

12 Apr, 2024

The issue of the name of North Macedonia is a sensitive and important issue that has caused political reactions and debates at the national and international level. The Prespa Agreement, which was reached between Macedonia and Greece in 2018, aimed to resolve the territorial division over the country's name.

However, the dispute over the name of North Macedonia continues, as some political leaders do not accept the new name and insist on using only the name "Macedonia". This attitude creates problems in the implementation of the Prespa Agreement and in the relations between North Macedonia and Greece/

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Chairman of the ruling Social Democratic Party (SDSM), Dimitar Kovacevski noted that opposition VMRO-DPMNE chairman Christian Mickoski's views on the country's constitutional name could create problems with the Prespa Agreement in the future due to his stubborn stance not to use the new constitutional name of the country (North Macedonia).

Christian Mickoski, answering the question of how he will name the country, at home and abroad, in case he is elected prime minister of the country, stated emphatically that for him the name of the country will always remain only "Macedonia". and political reactions


The dispute over the constitutional name of North Macedonia and the resistance of some political figures to the use of the new name defined by the Prespa Agreement has provoked strong political reactions. Dimitar Kovacevski, chairman of the Social Democratic Party, pointed to the possibility of problems in the future due to the opposing stance of the opposition VMRO-DPMNE and Christian Mickoski on the use of the new constitutional name "North Macedonia".

Their decisive stance on this issue raises concerns about the observance and implementation of the Prespa Agreement, which was an important step in resolving the territorial division with Greece and starting a new era in the relations between the two countries. Furthermore, maintaining this stance may have negative effects on North Macedonia's political stability and progress towards the European Union and NATO.

Reactions from various political bodies and political parties have been expressed, as this persistent attitude of governance can lead to internal contradictions and political crises. Resolving this issue is a critical challenge for political stability and democracy in North Macedonia.

Here are some resources that may help you further analyze the topic:

  1. "The Macedonia Naming Dispute and Its Resolution: From Greek Independence to the Prespa Agreement" by Andrew Rossos.
  2. "Identity and Foreign Policy in the Middle East: Macedonia and Israel" by Emilian Kavalski.
  3. “The Macedonian Conflict: Ethnic Nationalism in a Transnational World” edited by Loring M. Danforth.
  4. “Nationalism and Territory: Constructing Group Identity in Southeastern Europe” by George W. White.
  5. "The Making of the Modern Greek Family: Marriage and Exchange in Nineteenth-Century Athens" by Zeynep Çelik.

These sources will offer various perspectives and analyzes on the evolution of the issue of the name of North Macedonia and the political reactions it provokes.



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