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The schooner creaks…

The schooner creaks…

Evangelia Aretoglidou-Folia
21 May, 2024

To the doctor or the patient.
Chronic problem with her health. Doctor and patient have known each other for over 40 years. 
The doctor welcomes Mrs. Efpraxia and asks her:
_What's up;
_What to do doctor.. the known.. I didn't smoke, you know, I didn't drink drinks, coffee, but the lungs are not cooperating... they are tired too..
_Lie down so I can hear you, urges the doctor. The patient lies down with great difficulty.. He listens to her..
_You're bad again.
_I am my doctor, every now and then the viruses and the daughters together, put me in the eye.. He whispered...
_I know, Eupraxia.. Cough. He coughs and buzzes like the whole bee in the hive.
_You're loaded again...
_Yes, I am loaded, doctor... The doctor answers:
_You will sleep with five pillows, not two at night.
_Yes I do, like Buddha I have been waking up for years...
_You are doing well, replies the doctor. But the schooner squeaks!
_Does it squeak?
_Yes and the masts together.!!!
The patient catches birds in the air. It made sense...
_You have to start emptying the holds.. The engine is getting tired, it can't withstand every rough sea! How long will it last? People used to die from lack of food. Today they die from being overweight, i.e. from overeating. And continues to advise Ms. Efpraxia. At one point he looks at her and says:
_Do you like cookies?
_Eh.. yes, and who doesn't like them, replies the patient. And have a sweet to ease the bitterness since you know I don't drink coffee, but sweets...
The doctor. Cut the sweets, whoever wants to bring and eat them. What can Mrs. Epraxia say, it is her pleasure to sweeten every visitor to her home. But now.. silence... 
The doctor continues. You will drink a lot of water!
_I will heal, doctor...
_To take a bath. The gut will swell and you won't be hungry. Everything is a habit, continues the doctor.
Until 7 in the evening you will eat then NO. 
Do an intermittent diet, sew it up, what do they call it... Water only water. We grew up.. We didn't grow old. 
_I understand.. Ms. Efpraxia answers in one word..
He comes home with a bunch of inhalers and more.. 
The water began to flow and the water flowed, until the dolia felt like the water turtle in the deep seas!
But he was trying.. He was hungry and drinking water. He was fighting it. All day with a bottle to see how much he drank. 
Now for the fillings in the "holds" I think it takes effort, time, persistence and patience because the years have passed and maybe the mind reacts not that it doesn't understand... Maybe the schooner starts to lighten up and sails more easily on trips which she hasn't finished yet.. As much as the weather still allows her...



photo Vilkasss / https://pixabay.com 

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