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The song of violence

Evdokia Xanthopoulos-Veriopoulos
14 Jun, 2024
The song of violence

The song of violence

The song of violence

Two drinking glasses, looking at the mirror

They waited, a hand to fill them

it was still empty.

They were laughing, in the mirror their own images

A deafening groan could be heard.

Red wine on soaked marbles

Red and blood on the carpet.

The dragon screams of violence,

the passion of love is lost

hidden pain in the eyes

all, pieces of debris

each piece a moment

every moment a memory

every memory a dream, a lie, a truth!

All, hidden in time apathy.

A body staggers unsteadily.

Wine drinks blood.

He notices the look of the night.

Far away, the sirens are sounding and getting closer

they destroy the cloud of happiness.

Two handcuffs, contentedly laughing

for the beautiful moments lost

at the altar of violence, mercilessly betrayed

And the glasses are still waiting for permission

Why, the moments stopped, love to weave!




photo Briam-Cute / https://pixabay.com 

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