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The three "janissaries" of Greek origin: Erdogan - Gruevski - Rama. Eddie Rama

Dimitris Simeonidis
16 May, 2024

As we presented to you in an earlier publication the family tree of the Prime Minister of Albania, Edi Rama, focusing on not so well known elements. One of them is his mother's origin from the Himara Mountains as well as his family's active involvement in the Hoxha government.

Eddie's father is Christak Rama, originally from Durrës and a sculptor by profession. His fellow villagers considered him a Vlach. He was a member of Hoxha's parliament.

His mother is Aneta Koleka from the village of Vouno in Himara, who studied medicine in Poland. Her father was Petros Kolekas, a civil engineer who studied in Florence. Petros' brother was Spyros Kolekas, also a civil engineer who studied in Italy, where he was a minister in the occupation government of 1942 and later, Hoxha's minister for many years. The surname of Petros and Spyros Kolekas's mother (Edi's great-grandmother) is Noussi. Her father's brothers are Gogos and Kosmas Noussis. The first was murdered by the Albanians and the second was for years the ambassador of Albania in Greece.

Eddie's first wife was the actress Matilda Makochi from Drymades in Himara with whom he had a son and they named him Grigor. The child and his ex-wife lived for several years in Greece but eventually returned to Albania.

Eddy Rama's current wife is the educator Linda Bassa, whom he met because of the close friendship of their children Grigoris Rama and Rhea Bassa, where they were also classmates.


Dimitris Simeonidis JP
E.S.E.M.E. (Union of Editors of European Media)

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