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Panagiotis Karafotias
24 May, 2024

The Latin saying "Homo Homini Lupus Est" {man to man is like a wolf} is well known as well as our own wise folk "wolves in the dark rejoice". In any case, both apply especially to international relations where vital interests are involved. And that is exactly what turns states into "wolves" in order to secure their interests regardless, of course, if the so-called "national interest" is in many cases a pretext, an alibi for securing closed organized interests which at times oppose the genuine national interest.

        If we look back in modern history beginning with World War I we will find that organized interests armed the hand of the Serbian fanatical nationalist to assassinate the Austrian Archduke and his wife in 1914 in Sarajevo and immediately provoke the war conflict into which all the directly or indirectly involved "wolves" of the time with their alliances to share any loot. And while after this tragedy the people demanded a change of course and some idealistic leaders, such as US President Wilson, inspired the League of Nations to ensure and consolidate international peace and security, the industrial war establishment, which had in between, he grew unconscionably, he did not let the League of Nations recover, he promoted the rearmament of Germany (after, of course, they humiliated and blackmailed her with the unfavorable terms of the Versailles Peace Treaty in 1919 because, in the meantime, the Bolshevik revolution threatened the capitalist world and Germany was necessary for the new human "safari"}, tolerated Italy's invasion of Ethiopia, ignored other illegal actions of states and finally led the League to commit suicide.

          It is noteworthy that the USA, which pioneered the creation of the League of Nations, did not become a member of it! It is also noteworthy that at the same time due to complaints by journalists the Nye Committee of the US Senate revealed that during the War and while American soldiers were fighting the common enemy, American arms manufacturers were supplying him with their valuable products. After all, the proposal in the Kellogg-Briand Pact of 1928 to ban war was discreetly buried. And the Council limited itself to promoting - unsuccessfully - the reduction of armaments.             

     For World War II, the role of the "wolves" of the war industrial establishment whose agents recruited the infamous Hitler, introduced him to the secret organization in Germany "Ultima Thule", {from the ancient Greek word thoulis} in which they participated and others, "wolves" of various shades and interests, and prepared the "triumphant" with all immoral, illegal and inhumane means {undermining, mass etc. assassinations, terrorism, extortion, etc.} his rise to power, who together with their ideological coagulated "wolves" in Japan and Italy were responsible for the greatest human sacrifice in history with approximately 80 million human victims excluding the disabled and the general horror and tragedy that they spread among the peoples.   

       However, apart from the two world wars, the war-loving "wolves" have caused dozens of civil wars, etc. internal and regional conflicts with millions of victims ruthlessly using any means to enforce their highly lucrative investments in homicides. And their most important ally and driver for the advancement of their goals today is globalization, which by effectively abolishing borders facilitates and promotes their horrible work. And it is noteworthy that the UN's 1998 Human Development Report specifically states that "crime syndicates like globalization."       

        But, as it appears, the modern "werewolves" do not limit their investments only to the war industry, but combine them with other also very profitable businesses such as raw materials, energy resources, drugs, terrorism, security systems, precious metals, etc. and which in a continuous vicious cycle are methodically cultivated, expanded and ruthlessly diffused due to globalization. And when their painless investments do not yield what they expect, they simply expand them into painful war conflicts, into human sacrifices.

          And here the Machiavellian "the end justifies the means" triumphs. But, even when they cannot directly cause war conflicts, they cause other crises, e.g. financial, such as the present one. And where will he go? Somewhere, with the popular protests and uprisings, they may "sit" some conflict to extort weapons purchases even if they are not used. All they have to do is see their profits rising on the computer screen. And a great scientist in the USA, when asked if those involved in war operations have remorse when they see blood, dismembered bodies, horrors, etc., answered in the negative, because, as he pointed out, they do not see them and because they are addicted, poisoned and consider like war games on PC! Orwell is justified again when he said that in our time people will think of war as peace!

          The current situation is dramatically reminiscent of the pre-war period. Has it come, again, the time of the "wolves", the "lords of the rings" of the arrogance of power? And some small, weak countries, whose people believe in genuine democracy, peace, the rule of law, must be victimized because since some brazen "wolves" do not dare or cannot face their own kind, they turn to the small vulnerable victims even to "friends" and/or "allies", taking advantage of woefully inadequate institutions and corrupt leaderships, to play the tragic game of scapegoats. And before the "disposal" in any way, they cause a climate of fear, insecurity and social exclusion for understandable reasons.

         Isn't it a shame that some poets, philosophers, etc., cultivate hope {but also the privileged, but for disorientation and an alibi}, which has also been introduced to the stock market? However, is there really any ray of hope like that created by the Nobel Peace Prize-winning President of the USA, who launched a new, impressive title of international relations theory with words of genuine Greek origin "Pragmatic Idealism" {"Pragmatic Idealism"}, which is it an interesting synthesis of W. Wilson and FDR theories?

          Should we continue, therefore, to nurture illusions or should we start to fear, but also to hurry, that at least for the Balkans, the "britain storehouse", there is a new Yalta or is a panic exercise being attempted? Why, it is very strange and reminiscent of the WWII period that in some matters such as Skopje, the current democratic Russian leadership {and it is sad and disappointing} adopts a policy reminiscent of Stalin and Tito, while {and this is even more sad and disappointing} the American leadership discredits the post-war policy of its then predecessor, with foreign minister Stettinius, who opposed the anti-Greek policy of Stalin and Tito, and adopts it too!       

       Does the above development reveal exactly what was mentioned above, that is, when the authoritarian abusers - "wolves" cannot or do not want to clash with each other, they strive - within the framework of the infamous "divide and rule" - to attack weak and vulnerable victims but even and potentially strong like the EU, or at least to blackmail them with any finances etc. means for investments e.g. in energy and equipment as a "servitude tax" or possibly, if they think it suits them or because of a backlash due to their pathological arrogance, to even provoke a war conflict by buying and using the appropriate, tragic provocateurs-bait for the new war horror scenario?   

       And while the EU is being undermined and self-undermining due to the lack of effective political will and cohesion, the UN, while it could help to deal with the present crisis with some of its organizations, which, of course, must be freed from political expediency anchors, he plays the thankless role of a modern Pilate. But, in this more general scenario, the indifference and passivity of the people, whom the "lords of the rings" of arrogance methodically try to mutate into "ORK" or inhuman robots to continue the absurdity of human sacrifices, play a decisive role.   

       And this is where the need for vigilance and mobilization of democratically responsible citizens to prevent new tragedies emerges.    





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 The above article was published in "ELEFTHEROTYPIA" on March 11, 2010

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