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Is there a treatment for the difficult-to-diagnose long or post Covid 19 syndrome?

14 Dec, 2023

More than 3.5 years of pandemic have passed since the identification of a new deadly RNA virus, which managed to record millions of sick and deaths around the world, while at the same time putting pressure on the health systems of countries, even those considered the most developed, exceeded any scenario science fiction. Words such as: masks, antiseptics and maintaining physical distance, became the slogans of the time, while a new long syndrome or post covid was almost imperatively added to the medical lists of diseases, mainly through the persistent symptoms reported by the patients themselves.  



He mentions the above, speaking to Greek News FL, for the long Covid 19 infectionThe Pulmonologist Dr. Stamatoula Tsikrikas, President of the Union of Pulmonologists of Greece*, explaining that for this particular syndrome there is, so far, no specific treatment and the aim of the doctors is the therapeutic approach to the complications of the disease, while also referring to the psychological state of people who experience the symptoms of the long or post covid syndrome.

 Although everyone has personal histories, clinical courses and a unique and individualized type of illness to reproduce, with most healthcare professionals assuming that the illness would end definitively in the acute phase, in some people, the virus triggered a prolonged action, with maintenance of even atypical clinical symptoms, for several months afterwards, with a complete disruption of the quality of life.



Symptoms of prolonged Covid 19 infection

"Symptoms, such as: cough and shortness of breath, reduced ability to exercise, anosmia-ageusia, palpitations, chest pain, hair loss, amenorrhea, thyroid disorders, incontinence, sexual dysfunction, chronic pain, as well as prolonged decimal febrile movement, are some of the most common features that make up the long or post syndrome.

For any long or post covid 19 illness that leaves complications or irreversible damage, the management and the medical plan is demanding, maybe long and not always easy. For this particular one syndrome there is, so far, no specific treatment and its main objective is the therapeutic approach to the complications of the disease by systems and the long monitoring of them".


The significant burden on patients – the role of the physician

"Usually, patients, before the diagnosis of the syndrome is finalized, may have suffered with multiple medical tests and visits to various specialties, since there is no specific diagnostic test for its early certification.

On the other hand, the health professional is in front of one huge amount of renewable information and continuous medical information. However ardently patients or caregivers wish to ask their personal questions, it is possible that even now not all the necessary scientific and valid data are available to obtain comprehensive answers.

There is no shortage of times when the health professional has to deal with feelings of fear and anxiety, frustration, as well as stressful situations of anger or despair as a result of persistent symptoms. For a patient who may have remained hospitalized or was intubated by the virus, even contact with healthcare facilities can be painful and bring up traumatic memories.

The patient with long post covid 19 syndrome must trust the therapist who is committed to providing his services with the utmost ethics and scientific knowledge. It is important to understand that medical misinformation, Internet "medicine" of dubious credibility, dishonesty, lack of respect, courtesy, non-compliance and trust in the face of the healer cause more confusion and anxiety than help to solve the problem.

The attending physician, who is often part of an entire interdisciplinary team, must inform in detail about the next steps and the plan to deal with the syndrome and through a mutual friendly cooperation, informed decisions are made together with the patient for the benefit of».   


*Dr. Stamatoula Tsikrikas, Pulmonologist at "I SOTIRIA" Hospital,
Chairman of the Health Promotion, Medical Education and
Smoking Cessation of the European Pulmonology Society,
President of the Union of Pulmonologists of Greece.


photo Skitterphoto / https://pixabay.com 

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