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To those who think that Greece does not matter today, let me say that they could not make a bigger mistake. Today, like old Greece, is of the utmost importance for anyone looking to find himself.

Henry Miller, 1891-1980, American author

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Panagiotis Karafotias
11 Jun, 2024



       Many try to monitor and evaluate articles, speeches, interviews, statements of party leaders, etc. on all current national issues (Northern-Continental-Saxon island, Cypriot, Skopje, Imia, Greek-Turkish relations) and, with no exceptions, they nightmarishly observe a trend of certain assimilation of perpetrator and victim, horse compromise, servitude that ends in national humiliation opening Backdoors without convincing justification.

        An epigrammatic - selective and some repetitive - review of the results of the above political servitude to the Powerful "friends" and "allies" may help to demystify what is going on at the expense of Greece.

  1. Murder of the Great Kapodistrias with the involvement of "allies".
  2. Mission by the Venizelos government with the order of the "allies" expeditionary force against the Bolsheviks in 1919 and the tragic consequences in the Asia Minor Campaign.
  3. Asia Minor tragedy due to the involvement of the "allies" and the Division between Venizelos and the Palaces.
  4. Secret Moscow Pact in October 1944 where Churchill and Stalin divide the Balkans (as if they were flocks or fields) into spheres of influence and the cunningly orchestrated Civil War in Greece.
  5. For a full 50 years, Turkish occupying troops continue to commit crimes against the Republic of Cyprus with the cooperation, again, of "allies" in violation of dozens of UN resolutions, International Law, etc. Passion for Ukraine, big mistake for Cyprus!
  6. Strong "allies" in the context of globalization and "Divide and Conquer" create an extreme state, "B. Macedonia" usurping the Greek name Macedonia. Tragic irony, "allies" adopt the Tito policy which the USA had rejected at the time! According to Epaiontes, the "Prespa Agreement" can (and must) be annulled!
  7. Greek-Turkish relations. Dialogue after dialogue without a positive result for Greece. "Authorities" claim that the dialogue has yielded positive results because the Turkish violations of the Greek national air and sea space have stopped. However, does this benefit the very problematic Turkish economy and due to its involvement in war adventures in the Middle East etc.? ; Notably, it maintains a military base in Albania. Against whom? According to Epaiontes, if Turkey acquires the F-16s, who guarantees that it will not use them against Greece if it finds an opportunity? Or maybe against Russia as some naive people or weapons traffickers dream (intentionally)?

       Turkey continues unabated with its indulgently revisionist policy, essentially neo-imperialist, in every way and the Powerful use it - and it has become addicted - as bait and as a provocateur. In textbooks, media, etc. it projects the "Big Idea" of a "Blue Homeland" when the whole world knows that the only color that suits it perfectly is crimson, symbolizing the rivers of blood from the horrific genocides it has committed against millions. And he continues them even now wherever he can (Cyprus, Kurds, M.Anatoli, etc.). Ruthless, uncivilized, he turns Hagia Sophia, etc. Christian Temples in Mosques and UNESCO and Christendom "silent fish"!

      He continues the same policy in Thrace. It rejects UNCLOS in order to expand its maritime borders at the first opportunity and reacts to the EEZ, EEZ, etc. And all this with the tolerance and not only of our powerful "allies"!

       Therefore, what is the use of dialogue for dialogue without, as we said, positive results for Greece? The "authorities" do not realize that Turkey uses "Salami method", slice, slice until he eats it all. And she will be insatiable! Has it ever bottomed out?

      Unfortunately, the sad reality is that Greece has mutated in the extracorporeal tubes of the interests of Powerful "allies" into a "colony" of a manipulative kind, and while they are exploiting her, could they not at least contribute to the resolution of her just national issues? The opposite. They use her as the "willing idiot"!

        And they try to divide Hellenism in the Diaspora with vulnerable "Jenissaries" while other lobbies (Israel) enjoy special privileges by solving their national problems. But in addition to undermining the Community, they buy "Nightmares" inside the country as well, by "planting" shrewd, archomaniacal and volunteer politicians and through NGOs, media, etc. they promote them to completely divide and control policies etc. developments, but, as we said, without solving our just national issues.

      And something more essential that media etc. they do not display: Greece is the most important GOLD MINE OF BRAINS, but also in general, HUMAN RESOURCE for human sacrifices for the benefit of "allies" (Asia Minor, WWII, Civil War, Korea).

        Isn't it a great shame and unfair? Isn't that the greatest ingratitude? Without the unrepeatable HEROIC GREEK RESISTANCE to the neo-barbaric NAZIS, with the greatest human sacrifices (second only to the USSR), the Nazis would have enslaved the USA and Europe. Maybe some corrupt people wanted it! Obviously, ignorance or amnesia benefits those who have lost the ideals of democracy and are only interested in profits and the satisfaction of lower passions. The strict competitive system cannot survive without opponents, enemies because it provokes them, creates them. People, as it seems even today (Ukraine, Gaza, etc.) have no value in front of the profits from the sale of weapons systems, etc. And, unfortunately, NATO, which had promised not to expand to the East, tends to replace the UN! TRAGEDY!

       As far as Greece is concerned, the sad, tragic conclusion is, as the great Papadiamantis said, "We were freed from the Ottomans, but we got new dynasties." And the modern "dynasts" are trying, with the help of sad local subjects, to cultivate a climate of fear and insecurity with the result that, in addition to, as we predicted, the national shrinkage, the critical internal problems of demographic shrinkage, the abandonment of the countryside and the primary are perpetuated sector, divided multi-partyism, worthlessness, social exclusion, the decline of Education (how many know the etymology of the terms politics and diplomacy?), the Medical-Nursing Operation, the Armed Forces, Security Forces and Firefighters, economic hardship and dependency , of Rusfetomania, crime, accidents, partisan dependence of the media, uncontrolled reception of "refugees", party herdsmanship where in many cases "where the dog eats, the dog barks" applies, etc.

       In what other country of ten million are there so many parties and so many newspapers? They also want Greece as a museum and tourist resort, which will become an economic and social "coffin" if tourism stops for a year for any reason. The recent election fiasco and significant abstention from elections is not a dramatic message?

       Therefore, are those who talk about a new "implicit hybrid conquest" of Greece because of the politics of "servitude and volunteerism", who cultivate corrupt circles of authoritarianism and profiteering, wrong?                



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