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Florida's Hellenic Newspaper and Hellenic Radio, based in Miami
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Unprecedented warning

Unprecedented UN warning: Famine 'almost inevitable' in Gaza, 'immediately threatened' 

4 Mar 2024,

The Gaza Strip is facing a critical situation as the UN has warned of the approach of famine in the region. According to reports, supplies of food and other basic human needs in Gaza are at a critical point, with the UN warning that famine is "almost inevitable".

According to UN estimates, famine also directly threatens the northern part of the Gaza Strip. Limited supplies, economic pressures and political uncertainties have created a cocktail of humanitarian crisis that threatens the lives of thousands of local residents.

The Gaza Strip, already dealing with the effects of Israel's years-long trade and economic blockade, is now at its most vulnerable. Inability to access basic necessities of life such as food, medicine and other goods of human need worsens the already difficult situation.

The international community and humanitarian aid organizations have called for immediate action to address the crisis in the Gaza Strip. There is an urgent need for international initiatives to be launched immediately to rescue the people in this humanitarian crisis and relieve them from the looming danger of famine. 
It is necessary to show solidarity and coordinated action from all sides in order to restore humanitarian dignity and protect the lives of people who depend on the international community for their survival.



 photo https://www.pbs.org/ 

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