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Vladimir Putin

Vladimir Putin: Russia's victory is non-negotiable

9 Feb, 2024

President Vladimir Putin gave a strange interview to the American journalist Tucker Carlson, yesterday, Thursday, February 8, which took the form of historical accounts and announcements. During the interview, the Russian president seems to take the "upper hand", directing the discussion to topics that he wanted to raise, naturally, giving Tucker Carlson the opportunity to surprise us with a two-hour presentation of Putin in the middle military operations in Ukraine.

In essence, with this interview, the Russian president sent a message to the leaders of the West, especially the USA, as among other things he stated: "Those in power in the West, they realize now (that Russia will not be defeated as they wished). They have to think about what will happen next. We are ready for a dialogue on this issue."

The reporter asked Putin how the decision to invade Ukraine was made and the answer was clear: It was the coup in Ukraine, and by that Putin meant the removal of Viktor Yanukovych from leadership in 2014, which Zelensky did to take over the presidency. Regarding what was the reason for the events of the invasion: "The current leadership of Ukraine will not implement the Minsk agreements", meaning the accords to end the 2014 Donbas war between Ukraine and separatists.

Vladimir Putin added: "It was clearly organized by the CIA that coup. Ukraine's new leadership began attacking civilians in Donbas, with artillery and air strikes, while NATO promised to support the Ukrainian regime. We could not be indifferent to this, because it was something that would destroy Russia as well, it was not possible to leave our Russian brothers at the mercy of the coup plotters in Donbas."

Viktor Yanukovych, according to the Russian president, had agreed to proceed with early elections, but "the coup plotters had their plans and the support of European countries, such as France and Germany".

The interview took an interesting turn when the Russian president made the statement:We were ready to make peace and they stopped us", meaning the West. “We were ready to negotiate, but (he wouldn't let us) the western side and Ukraine is apparently a satellite state of the US. I don't want you to take this as a catchphrase or insulting phrase. We understand. When the military operation began in 2022, we were ready for negotiations to resolve the crisis peacefully. This was evident in the Istanbul talks. Then the US and its satellites in the EU told us that it is not right to have talks while our troops are in Kiev, and we withdrew them. Nevertheless, the West had already made up its mind."

In fact, Putin specifically mentioned Boris Johnson, then Prime Minister of Great Britain, who, according to the Russian President, had prevented Zelensky from signing a peace agreement. "The fact that Ukraine is obeying Mr. Johnson's demands seems ridiculous," Putin added.

However, one of his main goals remains the removal of Nazism from Ukraine, target of the military operation. Regarding the negotiations, Putin said that Zelensky has prohibited them by law, while regarding his last communication with Joe Biden, he said that this was done before the invasion of Ukraine. "I told him, I think you're making a mistake of historic proportions by supporting what's happening in Ukraine, and pushing Russia out."

Taking the debate even deeper, Vladimir Putin stated that Bill Clinton offered Russia a seat in NATO, but the offer was rejected by his staff as Russia has the most advanced hypersonic missiles in the world.

As for Evan Gerskovich, a reporter for the Wall Street Journal, Putin declared that he is a spy. He remains imprisoned in Russia for about a year, but it is not impossible to reach an agreement to release him. "We have no taboos about settling this issue." In January, a Moscow court sentenced the journalist to two more months in prison. As the Russian president stated, the journalist was "arrested on the spot for secretly receiving confidential information".

In return, Moscow is seeking the release of Vadim Krasikov, imprisoned in Germany after being convicted of murdering a Chechen dissident in Berlin. The Russian president was not mentioned by name in this case.

Reciprocal releases have been made by both Russia and the US, with the last one in December 2022.


With a clear expression, Vladimir Putin stated that the Nord Stream pipeline was blown up by the CIA.


The possibility of Russia attacking a NATO country was ruled out, which directly concerns Poland. When asked by the journalist if Russia would send troops there, the answer was "Only if Poland attacks Russia". He added: “We have no interests there, in Poland, Latvia or elsewhere. It would be absurd to get involved in a world war."

The conversation turned on China's role on the world stage and Vladimir Putin's answer was absolute: “The West fears a strong China more than it fears a strong Russia, because Russia has 150 million inhabitants and China has 1,5 billion people. And its economy is growing by leaps and bounds or 5% per year."

For the US presidential election in November 2024, Putin said the result would not affect relations between the two countries. "There is no question of who will be the leader. I had a very good relationship with Bush. I know the US portrayed him as a peasant who doesn't understand much. I assure you this is not the case. (Regarding Donald Trump) it's not about the personality of the leader, it's about the mentality of the elites. If the idea of ​​domination at any cost, based on dynamic actions, prevails in American society, nothing will change. Everything will only get worse."

It should be noted that the American journalist's visit to Moscow was covered with great solemnity by the Russian media, despite all this, Tucker Carlson received many contradictory reactions for his decision to interview the Russian president, mainly because he did not address him as in a "war criminal".




source, photo https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fOCWBhuDdDo&t=21s

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