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To those who think that Greece does not matter today, let me say that they could not make a bigger mistake. Today, like old Greece, is of the utmost importance for anyone looking to find himself.

Henry Miller, 1891-1980, American author

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15 Apr, 2024

It's time to see what happened, now that April the "hard" entered, in 1967... Almost, like a "deck" diary.. With two wild words, hanging over our heads.. 7 whole years..! ! DECIDED and SCHEDULED..

Let us leave many other responsible voices to recall the totality of the crimes of the dictatorship. And let us limit ourselves to our space. In the world of Letters and Arts. What we were able to learn and what we saw, lived and suffered..

1.- Among the first seven thousand who were caught on the night of the coup, there were many artists and intellectuals including the poets Yiannis Ritsos and Vassilis Rotas and the actor Tzavalas Karousos. Hundreds of books were immediately banned, the "Foundation" publishing house was sealed and "reprehensible" records were banned.

2.- The Miki Theodorakis "network" is disintegrating. Korovesis, Arsenis escape to London and testify to the Council of Europe about the torture they suffered. With the uprising of the Polytechnic, people of Letters and Arts are imprisoned for a few days in EAT-ESA and some are exiled to Jura.

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1.- The dictatorship immediately closes many theaters: "Veaki", where Manos Katrakis and Elli Fotiou played "Goodnight Margarita", Piraeus Municipal, where Tzavalas Karousos played Shakespeare's "Merchant of Venice".

Katrakis Elli Fotiou

"Avlaia", in Piraeus where the troupe of Dionysis Papagiannopoulos played "Angela" by Giorgos Sevastikoglou.

The "Theatre of Nea Ionia", where Giorgos Michaelidis staged one-act plays by Pavlos Matesi, Vassilis Andreopoulos and Vangelis Goufa.

2.- A few days later, they disband the Greek Actors' Union and force the resignation of the President and Secretary of the Greek Actors' Union, Vassilis Mesologgiti and Stefanos Linaios. Accordingly, the "National S.E.H." is established.

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3.- The COMMITTEE OF ANTI-DICTATORSHIP STRUGGLE is established in London, which organizes countless gatherings and constantly informs Europe about the events in Greece. Melina Merkouri, Aspasia Papathanasiou, Minos Volonakis as well as many self-exiled Greeks who give recitals and organize anti-dictatorship debates, in many Theaters and English Universities.

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4.- After the amnesty, the return of many self-exiles begins, at the end of 1970 others are released from prison. The publishing phenomenon is starting to take off. The anti-dictatorship book: 18 TEXTS is also published.

5.- The theaters and their works,.. are exterminated:
THE OPERA OF PENTARA by Brecht, with anti-dictatorship direction by G. Michaelidis.

OUR BIG CIRCUS, with Karezi = Kazakh. Marietta Rialdis, Thanasis Papageorgiou and the Free Theater present works and inspections that stimulate the thirsty public.

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At the ALFA Theater: AUTOPSY, G. Michaelidis, DANGEROUS CARGO, K. Murselas, BUS, N. Zakopoulou, GOOD NIGHT MARGARITA, G. Stavrou - D. Hadzi, THE KEYKATORES, M. Kundera, THE ROSEBERGS Alain Deco.

6- Disband the Society for the Study of Greek Problems (E.M.E.P.) which organized free discussions at the ALFA Theater, around major, modern, Greek problems: Pesmazoglou, Peponis, Tsouderou, Tsatsos, Kakridis, Kampanellis, Synodinos, etc. a.
In March 1973, EMEP's guest, famous German writer Gunder Grass, gave a sensational speech at the ALFA Theater. The next day they deport him, dissolve the Company, exile its founders and close ALPHA.

7.- 1200 signatures of people of Letters and Arts, denunciation and support in the fight against the conscription of students. Brutal interrogation by the junta and mandatory signing of a statement of repentance. Those who did not sign it were cut off from any radio and television production. Their names were also cut from the movies they starred in.. Even from the…Dictionary of Actors..!!

The table is incomplete and no doubt there will be other facts that we did not discover in our research. In the future, we hope that the next generations will complete it, so that the real History can be written with all the documents and names of that dark era.

Motto on the walls:

"Tanks.. bombers.. and machine guns are operated by people to kill People, without thinking.. But when they THINK, they kill their bosses..."




photos: https://morningstaronline.co.uk/,

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