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What Vaccines Hiding From Us And If We Can Find Out:

What Vaccines Hiding From Us And If We Can Find Out

Editorial team
21 May, 2024

In the era of the pandemic, the debate surrounding vaccines has heated up. Amidst this confusion and doubt, many are wondering: What have vaccines really been hiding from us? And if so, is it possible to discover the truth behind the data?

Among the various information and contradictions circulating, it is important to evaluate our information carefully and critically. Here are some points we can consider:

  1. Composition and Results of Clinical Trials:
    Analyzing data from clinical trials can give us a good picture of the effectiveness and safety of vaccines. What were the test results? Were there any side effects?

  2. Transparency of Pharmaceutical Companies:
    Pharmaceutical companies are required to provide transparency about their vaccine development and approval process. Are these processes transparent and reliable?

  3. Scientific Community and Independent Studies:
    Independent studies and reviews from the scientific community can provide additional information and criticism. What do these studies say?

  4. Official Health Authorities and Organizations:
    Health authorities such as the World Health Organization (WHO) and national health organizations often provide official and reliable information about vaccines.



Website sources for further research and information:

  1. World Health Organization (WHO) –https://www.who.int/
  2. Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) –https://www.cdc.gov/
  3. European Medicines Agency (EMA) –https://www.ema.europa.eu/en
  4. Official websites of the pharmaceutical companies that produce the vaccines, such as Pfizer, Moderna and AstraZeneca.
  5. Websites of health scientific organizations in different countries, such as the National Public Health Agency (CDC) in the United States, the European Medicines Agency (EMA) in Europe and the National Medicines Agency (NHS) in the United Kingdom.
  6. Scientific journals and scientific publications that publish studies and research on the effectiveness and safety of vaccines.

In summary, analyzing information from a variety of sources, including scientific studies, official health websites, and trusted organizations, can give us a better understanding of vaccines and the process that goes into their development and approval. While doubts and questions are normal, evaluating information critically can help us make informed decisions about our health.

The shocking testimony of the molecular biologist - geneticist Athanasios Kalogeridis to Makis Triantafyllopoulos. The scientist talks to "Jungle" about the consequences of vaccines for the coronavirus, vulnerable age groups, but also political and scientific responsibilities.





From the journalistic team of Greek News and Radio FL

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