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World Economic Forum: Let's introduce ourselves without fear

World Economic Forum: Let's introduce ourselves without fear

Constantina Rodi
18 Jan, 2024

From January 15 to 19, the World Economic Forum 2024 takes place in Davos, and for the first time it presents representatives of indigenous nations, who introduce themselves in their own way in the world that also belongs to them. In particular, the particular theme of the forum this time was entitled "The knowledge of indigenous peoples and the network of leadership".

As expected, and since the knowledge of indigenous peoples is sought, the forum should be attended by their representatives. So they introduced themselves

  • Fani Quirou (General Coordinator of Indigenous Peoples' Organizations, specialist in ethnicities and indigenous peoples' law),
  • Hindoo Umaru Ibrahim (indigenous adaptation expert to climate change, member of the Mbororo nation of Chad, President for Indigenous Women and Peoples of Chad),
  • Uyuncar Domingo Peas Nabitscay (leader of the Achuar nation of the Amazon in Ecuador, their representative in many claims),
  • Fawn Sharp (Vice Chair of the Kino Tribal Council in Taholah, Washington);
  • Ashlak Holberg (specialist on Sami issues through the parliament and president of their Council),
  • Robert Beamish (Anti-Racism Policy Adviser to the Canadian Assistant Deputy Minister of International Trade, Investment and Innovation),
  • Nihihuaca Yaganahua (leader of the Yaguanhua tribe of Brazil),
  • Patani Yaganawa (wife of the clan leader)
  • Siye Batista (co-founder of the Re-Earth initiative, member of the indigenous Otomi Toltec community of Mexico)

It goes without saying that the Earth belongs to all of us, and the decision of the World Economic Forum to reach out and present the Knowledge of Indigenous Peoples was the wisest thing for 2024.

Balance of Nature and modern forms of technology, is the question. Because somewhere we may be getting away with the forms of technology but also with the global economy, and we need to return to more harmonious rhythms. Collaboration, knowledge sharing – and let's not forget that a third of the Earth's land belongs to local communities.

People with a vision, with respect for the Earth and the environment, surely have something to teach (or even exchange) with "westerners" who, let's not laugh, need a reminder of their connection with the environment and Nature. This last sentence is not at all theoretical and philosophical, and is the reason why this article was created, apart from the fact that the Forum is a world news:

The presence of the natives in a modern conference hall, in a large European city, seems to have brought uncomfortable feelings to some, who comment as stupid the ways of these traditional people, "subordinate", even as representative of "black magic" .

In the following video you can see a very moving (because of its immediacy and simplicity) process of sharing a personal experience by an indigenous woman, who blows her personal power into her hands (a process known to indigenous people around the world - even peoples of South America this process is known), since the breath, this holy breath, conveys the "being".

We "westerners" would say that she introduces herself and exchanges her whole being, her energy, her world. It's an act of generosity, instead of which we usually give a hand, shake it slightly, smile a little and say "I'm glad". This. So let's be quiet. It's not about magic.

It seems that the organizers of the World Economic Forum were indeed right when they decided to include racism and diversity in their agenda. It is true that when you ignore something, you give it whatever identity you desire (or carry, or fear).

But, after all, if there's one thing that makes someone dangerous, it doesn't have to be eagle feathers on the head – a university degree and a chair are enough.





 Information from https://www.weforum.org/ 




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