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Celebrating the family at ECM Schools

Celebrating the family at ECM Schools

17 May, 2024

As part of the "Bridging generations - Be connected" program, which is being implemented again this year at the Language and Culture Schools of the Greek Community of Melbourne (EKM), on Tuesday 14 May the students of the Bentleigh school unit welcomed their parents, grandparents and their grandmothers, and shared with them a wonderful event, dedicated to the family.

On the occasion of World Family Day, teachers and students prepared a beautiful feast for the honored persons of the evening, the grandmothers and grandfathers of the children, and celebrated with them this important institution with the revival of marriage customs, music, games and educational activities . At the event, teachers, students and grandparents also spoke about their experience of participating in the "Bridging Generations - Be connected" program, implemented by ECM schools, in collaboration with Ms. Christina Daliani and the "Be connected" organizations ” and “Good things foundation”.  

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The program, which saw students become online mentors for their grandparents, aims to increase older people's confidence, skills and safety when using technology. This is a pioneering action with multiple benefits, both for the elderly, who shared valuable time with their grandchildren and became familiar with the internet, and for the students, who cultivated their empathy and practiced their communication skills in the Greek language.

The student of the school, Athina D., said about it: "I explained to my grandfather things he didn't know about the internet and I showed him how to enter pages that have a theme of gardening, and health that he really likes." "I taught my grandmother how to use skype to communicate with each other, I taught her how to use smart tv as well.

I understood that it is difficult to be a teacher after all," said student Dafni G.

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Similar events will follow in other units of the ECM Schools, in which the "Bridging generations - Be connected" program is implemented, as the importance that ECM attaches to the institution of the family and in particular to the role of grandparents in children's Greek learning its great and constant pursuit is the highlighting of its importance.


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