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To those who think that Greece does not matter today, let me say that they could not make a bigger mistake. Today, like old Greece, is of the utmost importance for anyone looking to find himself.

Henry Miller, 1891-1980, American author

Florida's Hellenic Newspaper and Hellenic Radio, based in Miami
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Tempi: The obituaries of the mother

Tempi: The obituaries of the mother

Lena Fatourou
11 May, 2024

Where nature wasted on beauty and grace,

bodies of angels slept on the earth the pillow.

Agera Olympus sends pain to take,

and Ossa sees and mourns and bows her head.

Black shadows stumble weeping into the canyon

candles plant and count one and two and three,

Um, you can't get enough of joyous fifty-seven eras…

You left memories indelible and hopes sterile.

I was left alone in the shadow of pain,

only candles to measure the blood where they freeze.

In injustice the rain withered the wheels

and instead of a velvet touch your embrace became,

earth and iron together in my hands like flame.

My eyes were blinded to your lifeless body,

a carteria with metha, in the antamoma with you.

Life will be like a struggle with demons of life

and I won't stop asking, name, position and number,

Why YOU and not ME?

I barricaded our door, may no joy find me,

My joy now the thought is yours, and this dear one


A flood, an ebb will drag my mind

so, at night to laugh at my hollow self.





My thoughts wander everywhere, sometimes on the tracks of evil,

in empty words, frantic course they long to reach you.

The light is scarce, the human sensitivity is ABSENT!

Now, the sycophants argue with each other, afraid of the dreams of power

They turned to ashes, but there is no mention of the Sword of Damocles.





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