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Ioannis Baltzois
28 May, 2024

The announcement of ELISME of May 23, 2024


The President-elect, Gordana Siljanovska-Davkova (VMRO), during her swearing-in in parliament (May 12, 2024), pledged to "defend the sovereignty, territorial integrity and independence of Macedonia", provoking the reaction of Greece, the EU, the US, France and Germany, with warnings regarding the European course of N. Macedonia.

In this context, Prime Minister Mr. Mitsotakis, after characterizing the new President's move as "illegal, impermissible, provocative", declared that at the core of the Prespa Agreement is the single name for all uses at home and abroad (ergaomnes), as well as that he has not ratified the memorandums of cooperation, because he foresaw that the VMROwould win the election.

Bulgaria, which does not accept the existence of Macedonian ethnicity and language, further recalled the conditions for negotiations approved by the European Council in 2022 (Constitutional acceptance of the Bulgarian national minority). The future Prime Minister Christian Mickoski (VMRO) fully justified the President, pointing out that institutionally and legally the Constitutional name will be respected, but it is his right to call the country publicly and in the media, urging Greece to appeal to the International Court of Justice.

Other illegal reports from the same Skopje politicians followed. The Hellenic Institute of Strategic Studies (ELISME), anticipating the "bad scenarios", expressed its views in time with press releases (January 2018). Unfortunately, the Prespa Agreement, in addition to joining NATO, gave the Skopians the use of the terms "Macedonian Nation", "Macedonian citizenship/citizenship" and "Macedonian language", despite the fact that the multi-year negotiations concerned the name of the new state . The then Greek government did not dare to hold a referendum. This reality preserves the myth of "Macedonian identity" in a Skopian population of Slavs, Albanians, Roma, Turks and citizens of Greek ethnic origin, while fueling its revisionist ambitions. As the only state entity with this name, it can now legally use the terms "Macedonian" "Macedonian" worldwide (registration of MK codes, MKD), falsifying 3.000 years of history and creating international confusion over the historically inherited name of 2,5 million Macedonian Greeks who live in Northern Greece and who are proud of their Greek ancestry. In the neighboring country, "Macedonianism" and "Alytrotism" remain very much alive.

The non-observance of the basic principles of the cross-party National Strategy by all Greek Governments leads to discontinuity, retreats and vulnerability to foreign pressures. Tito literally "set up" a non-existent nation in the mid-1940s, without substantial Greek reaction, for reasons of more general geopolitical pursuits outside the region. The developments in the neighboring country should not come as a surprise. Since the day after the signing of the nationally damaging Prespa Agreement, it has been repeatedly violated by Skopje with international and limited Greek government reaction. Lists of violations supported by archival and photographic material are regularly handed over to the government by concerned organisations.

At the same time, the challenges of Skopje at the level of leadership and society are permanent, while the international factor is preparing the rapid integration of the West. Balkans in the EU. H rise of the nationalist VMRO in power introduces the whole matter into a new phase. It is difficult for the new government to directly and exclusively apply the name "Republic of Macedonia" due to obvious implications. He has announced, however, that he will use the country's constitutional name in official documents and institutional meetings, but at the same time be referred to by the term "Macedonia" in everyday use. Despite the existing positive points of our foreign policy, History shows several cases of discontinuity, inactivity, loss of opportunities and slippage from fixed national positions following external pressures.

The Greek citizen is justifiably worried. For Greece, the violation of the name is a "red line".

Even now a series of measures should be considered, such as the following:

  • Coordination of Greece and Bulgaria at the points of convergence.
  • Greece should systematically monitor any violation of the Treaty and inform international forums, alliances and Greek public opinion at regular intervals (e.g. every two months).
  • To methodize the confirmation of the existence of a Greek minority in Skopje.
  • To denounce the illegal use of the term "Macedonia", due to the violation of an essential term, according to the Vienna Convention of 1969, on the Law of International Treaties,
  • Requirement to take measures in the EU and NATO against Skopje, for any material violation or delay in the implementation of the Prespa Agreement.
  • Preparation of a list of national measures against the neighboring country, warning about them and readiness to implement them in bundles, depending on the policy and behavior of Skopje. Knowing that International Agreements create international obligations, the terms, conditions and ways of possible termination of the Prespa Agreement should be examined, in order to minimize the adverse effects if Skopje insists on continuing its illegal policy.
  • To strengthen the objective educational material in Greek schools about Macedonia from ancient times to the present day. And mostly:
  • Non-ratification of cooperation memoranda (EU accession, economic cooperation), until further notice.
  • The intention of the Greek veto (or even the rejection of the accession funds), should be made clear and non-negotiable in every direction. The history of millennia and the culture of a nation cannot be scandalously altered by occasional circumstances, international pressures and ineffective internal policies.

The name "Macedonia" is being dragged out and Greece should assess the situation more macroscopically and visionarily, than microscopically and bureaucratically and above all in terms of national consensus.


The Chairman of the Board of Directors of ELISME Baltzoi Ioannis Lieutenant General e.a

The General Secretary Katsaros Panagiotis Deputy Chief of Staff

photo https://slpress.gr/ 

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